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Monday, 4 February 2019

It's Monday & you matter!

Monday, 4th February 2019
You should be a priority, not an option, a last resort, or a back up plan.

Well yesterday was very relaxed, we watched a movie with popcorn, shut the curtains like we were at the cinema, then we had a binge watch of episodes of casualty until she turned and decided they weren't any good any more.  

In a nutshell our day consisted of sitting on our backsides, spending time together and recharging my batteries.   That's what self-care is sometimes, other times its about exercise and eating well.  We didn't eat badly, we shared a small chicken pie and had it with a handful of chips and peas, that kind of food gets her to eat so that's what we had, it goes me 20SP though - ouch to pastry.  The good news thought, I managed a maintain on the scales this morning, I'll take that, surviving the winter, had a week of comfort food and I'm ready to eat some chicken and salmon this week and aim for 1/2lb loss next week.  Chip away at it whilst I continue to enjoy my food and wine.  

Okay so what is Self Care, some of us are still a little big foggy around the meaning, in a nutshell it's the practice of looking after yourself.   Isn't it scary that so many of us struggle with the concept and actually putting self care into practice! 

I had no problem at all with it yesterday, I even had a long soak in the bath, I even used the eye things my massage lady gave me last year, I'm not one for all that stuff but it made me lie down for 20 minutes and relax. 

the bags are still under my eyes though, but as my bestie said - they don't perform miracles.  joking aside, I've just looked in the mirror and I think they have made a little difference, so yeah I'd use them again, but it might help if I started using eye cream and face cream regularly instead of when I remember.  Maybe that's the next part of my self care routine I need to sort out, getting that routine sorted!  Ooo maybe I'll treat myself to a facial too, that'd be nice. 

Thinking about your Self Care and maybe getting some sort of routine going, ask yourself what drains you.  I hate admitting it but an untidy house really drains me, I love it when I come home and my sister has done my kitchen and it's all clean and tidy and the clutter is put away.  I need to try and get the rest of the house like that and keep on top of it.  Maybe I need to schedule time in the week to do some tidying or maybe I look for a cleaner to do a couple of hours, I'd rather go to work than do housework!  I did manage to clean the bathroom yesterday.  I'll tackle the living room this morning - yawn. 

What re-sets you?  music, fresh air, a good book, watching tv, a nice bath.  All of those things do it for me, then other days it would be tidying the house or cooking some food.  Try to do something every day. `

What's holding you back?  Those negative thoughts, those bad habits?  What do you need to work on?  Do you look at your phone too much and ignore the person in front of you!  Do you put yourself down, are you daft enough to think self care is selfish - it isn't it's essential!   

What little think could you do to make a difference, at the end of the day could you think of 3 good things from your day.  In a morning would it help to make a list of what absolutely has to be done.  

I know I'm at my best and most productive in the morning so I try to get as much done before noon, especially at this time of year.  I know I don't function well without sleep so I try to have early nights, that helps with mom too.  

Yesterday I asked my brother not to come when he text me because I knew it would upset moms routine that late in the day.  I'm not going to lie, I felt bad because he's my brother and I love him and I like to see him.  But I realised I'm important too and I love me and I knew him coming would disrupt the one day I really needed to be calm and relaxed so I could rest and recharge.  I couldn't take another night with mom like the night before.  Sometimes you've got to think of yourself and say no. 

Could you do with getting yourself a ritual or routine to help with your self care, thinking about it, this blog is part of my self care, it helps me process thoughts, every morning I look for a quote to use that gives me an injection of positivity.  At night when I sit down to relax, I turn on my scentsy warmers or candles so the room feels warm and cosy and smells nice.  I like to close my curtains no matter what time of the day it is if I want to relax because it's me shutting the outside world out. 

I know it's all down to time, but let's look at that tomorrow maybe, remember though, if it's important to use we'll make the time, if it isn't we'll make an excuse.  Isn't it funny how we always find the time to do things we have to do for others? Are they more important than us?  I think not.

Let's make it a magic Monday. 

Stay BeYOUtiful.


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