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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Still on track!

2nd December 2018
if something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.

Well I didn't get a blue dot yesterday but I do still have 21 weeklies remaining and only today and tomorrow to get through before my official weigh in from a week on the Freestyle plan, it appears a name change and new books have made a difference to me.  Of course it wasn't just the books, it was my attitude and the conversations that were had in my meetings with my wonderful members and on the phone with my coach.  What has also helped immensely is know that some of my members who were struggling like me have also got on it and they're sharing their wins this week online in our Facebook group and on Connect on the WW app.

Yep I'm feeling good,  I hope my members will sit with their new Success Story  book and think about their WHY and their GOALS as I did.  I'v stuck a photo in mine, a pic from a good few years ago, I'm happy and carefree in that photo, I look a numpty because my besties daughter had given me her pink hat and backpack to wear so I'd put them on and neither fit, I looked daft and I didn't care.   I want everything about that person back.  I can't be completely carefree now because I have responsibilities but I can still make the best of what I've got and take care of me.

I put our Christmas decorations up yesterday, we haven't got loads but we've made the living room look as if it is the season to be jolly.  I'd love a big tree but my house just doesn't have the space, although I am toying with putting one at the bottom of the stairs and maybe one in the kitchen, small ones are cute too.  

Food wise yesterday I made eggs rolls and had them with home made baked beans that my lovely V had made for me.  
Lunch was cauliflower cheese, now I'd already bought the ready meal before I got on track so instead of using 12SP on it, I cooked extra cauliflower and had half of it, mom had the other half, served mine with Italian chicken, I absolutely love the Maggi papers for 1SP, they flavour chicken and salmon perfectly. 

 Yes I know I could make my own with greaseproof paper and seasoning and maybe I will now I'm taking my Wellness journey seriously.  I will lose weight over the next two weeks, then ease off from 17-31st whilst my family is here, then straight back on it.   I also enjoyed a packet of pickled onion monster munch, think that was the last packet and I've got them out of my system.  I had a taste of the new WW Cheese & Onion Bakes on Thursday, they're tasty, improved flavour I thought, so I'll stock up on them.  Plus of course I had wine, that's a given, I have had 2 alcohol free days this week though so I'm improving.

Today, I'm thinking chicken dinner.  I'm going to make swede and potato mash to half the points there, lots of veggies and gravy.  I have chicken breasts to cook rather than a whole chicken because I know I'd eat the skin and I'm not wanting to do that this week, I want a decent weight loss. Oh how I'll sulk if I don't get one ;) 

Anyway I've got things to do, places to be so I'll get off now and hope you're feeling as positive as I am.  Loving this CAN DO attitude I have again.  Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful. xx

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