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Monday, 3 December 2018

Am I getting on your nerves yet?

3rd December 2018
Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

I made it through the weekend, on track 5 weeklies still remaining and I enjoyed my winner, winner, chicken dinner for 6SP.

 and because I'm proper on track I weighed my gravy granules, that made enough for 3 plates (spare for today!)

I then weighed some low fat spread to put in the mash but when I saw how many Smart Points it was, I changed my mind, once the gravy is on, it doesn't need it. 

I was rushing to get out of the house yesterday morning when I realised I hadn't had any breakfast, so whilst I was making mom a cuppa before I left, I made an egg roll (whisk one egg, dry fry or use a little spray light, then fry and roll up - a very thin omelette), it was just enough to tide me over.  I spent some smashing time walking round the massive Home Bargains at Willenhall, I've been told it's the largest in the country, well I managed to have a chat with my bestie at the same time, so in theory she came Christmas shopping with me, I bought a few bits for Christmas Day and these snowmen to make mom smile, plus those snowball which can I add do feel like the real thing, I was telling everyone to feel my balls in the shop, well you gotta be friendly ain't ya.  We all had a good feel at the till. 

Mom loved them and that little elf door was only 50p I think, how fab is that.  I don't like the Christmas elves to be honest so maybe I shouldn't have fitted a door in case they appear, they freak me out a little bit.  So far the large snowman has been found flat on his back once, I'm not sure if that was Alfie's doing or my brother playing me up.  I'll never know because I wouldn't believe my brother if he said he didn't.

I also picked these up in there, 2SP a packet and not bad at all, they were my tea last night, super healthy not I know but they were tasty and I stayed on track, still got 5 weeklies remaining, plus all those Fit Points I've earned.
I may not have hit 10,000 steps over the weekend, but I did get over the daily target, earning 9 Saturday and 8 Sunday, a total of 55 since I started wearing it, it'd be a bit higher if I'd had it on the entire week, but it is motivating me to move more for sure. 

This week I've completely changed my attitude and beliefs, I am believing in myself, as a very, wise member who I respect a great deal once said in my meeting (it was a meeting when she said it!) Dream, Believe, Achieve and that's what I'm doing.  Has this week been easy?  Have I been tempted to overindulge? You should know the answers to both of those questions but just in case you don't, erm no it's never easy, yes I was tempted to overindulge.  Has anything changed in my life or situation to make it easier - nope, not a thing except my mindset, I am 100% believing I can do this and I will do this.  

I have said if I don't get a decent weight loss tomorrow I'll sulk but you know what, as long as I keep doing this, I know the weight will drop, I know WW works whatever name they use or how many changes are made.  Don't forget the changes that you think have been made, we were already doing, well I was, I've always said focus on the healthy and happy and weight loss will be the side effect, WW have just made it obvious so that those that have never been realise we're not just about weight loss and that's true.  I DON'T WANT anyone losing weight if they're doing it in a unhealthy way, I'd rather have someone overweight and healthy, than underweight and unhealthy, but I'd mostly like us all to be a healthy weight and happy.

Right everyone's just woken up in this house so I'll go do what I have to do for them.  Have a very, great day BeYOUtiful and if you've just read this thinking ooo she sounds on track, I wished I was, after Christmas, why wait?  Why not make the days you can as healthy as you can and enjoy the ones that involve Christmas get togethers and celebrations or even the odd mince pie. x

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