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Friday, 14 December 2018

Could've been worse...

Friday 14th December 2018
Just enjoy where you are now.

Well yesterday was an interesting day, I had a wonderful morning of workshops, my lovely members amazing me with how well they're staying on track and some seriously good weight losses too!  Then I walked in to 'There's been an accident!', I knew mom was okay because she was sitting in the living room.  Turns out she'd left the tap running and the plug in the sink upstairs and walked away and forgotten.  Bathroom floor and wet room ceiling underneath water damaged, but at least she found it before the ceiling fell in.  The insurance were great, they've said £100 excess and send them photos and quotes for any work that needs doing.  To be honest I don't think we'll need to claim hopefully,  just the floor needs relaying and the ceiling will need repainting and our Terry lands Monday or Marks offered to do it Saturday so all good.  I will need the sink taps in both bathrooms replacing with those that auto turn off though, I can't have this happening again, next time we might not be so lucky.

I did use it as an excuse to eat a cheese and onion cob!  I went to collect my new glasses which I have to say at the moment, I'm not loving, they're making things a bit blurry, I know it's most likely because the prescription is stronger and they're varifocals, apparently I'll get used to them, I hope so or I'll never have to drink again cos I feel like I'm already a bit tipsy.

So when I came out the opticians, I had half hour to kill and I thought I'd treat mom to a cake to cheer her up, her reward to not murdering my house completely let's say, that was when I spotted the cobs, wished I hadn't if I'm honest because it wasn't even the best I've had, so now I want a good one which means making my own and leaving them wrapped all day sweating, now I said I'd never use cling film again and don't have any so what would you use instead!  Now that is a dilemma.

There's the most glorious sunrise going on outside my window this morning and I'm just enjoying it, not trying to take a photo of it, so many colours, makes me want to crochet a sunrise blanket, mmm maybe.

I almost cried over the flood but instead I took a deep breathe, put Alfie on his lead and realised as I was walking it's all just stuff, how difficult must this all be for mom, how must she feel knowing what she's done.  She get's on the defensive on days like that, she was proper huffy when I got home last night, Mark was a moron, as was Anne, everyone who'd been to the house had been a pain in her arse and she was gonna start locking the door from the inside to stop them getting in.  At least I wasn't a moron, although I'm sure she was only tolerating me and if I hadn't got front and back door keys, I might be worried ;) Yeah today I will mostly be giving her lots of attention and chilling out with her.

Right the sun has almost risen the sky now, it's light pinks, blues and greys, Alfie is getting impatient, I'm at everyones beck and call lol, not at 10am though, then I'm going to enjoy a lovely massage.  I think I might be in danger of pretending today is a little Christmassy!  Wish me luck on the smart points front, the total might be a little on the high side - oops.

Whatever you're plans, make it a very good day one way or another.

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