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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Almost ready to get back on track.

Saturday 29th December 2018
Don't compare your life to others. There's no comparison between the sun and the moon, they just shine when it's their time.

We had chippy tea last night, all I need now is an Indian takeaway and I'll have done all the 3 main food groups (Chinese, Indian, Chippy) and that'll keep me satisfied for the foreseeable.  I'll then be ready to start taking weight loss seriously, it's not happening till Monday though.  My visitors are still here and I'm enjoying having time out.

I treated myself to a new leather sofa yesterday, it's coming this morning, Alexis and I had spent a few hours the day before walking round Ikea and the other Sofa shops and there was too much choice, nothing was screaming BUY ME, then yesterday morning I found a place thanks to an internet search in Wolverhampton, https://www.sofafactoryoutlet.co.uk, I liked that it was local and employed local people.  I also liked that he didn't stalk me around the store, just asked 'are you here to browse, just give me a shout if you want anything'.  Unlike some of the places we'd been yesterday.  Anyway, I got lucky and the one I did like was in the clearance section, plus it's coming this morning.  

I've had a bed settee in the living room for so long, just for people to be able to sleep, but Terry and Alexis reckon the mattress on the floor on it's own is just as good so I can have a proper sofa with arms on.  Now to try and get Alfie to realise he can't do it pretend to dig a hole routine in it like he tries to do with everything else! 

Well I've started my morning with my pint of water, there's one good habit I can do now, I've also put my Fitbit back on the last few days, yesterday I managed 8,000 but the day before 11,000, not bad at all.  I've also started tracking food on the app the last few days too, it might not be great but it's honest and I'm getting into the habit because I'll be collecting the Wellness Wins next year on the app, I fancy myself the self reflecting journal or if I'm a little more patient the wine tumblers.

How quick has this week gone, I can't believe it's been a week since I've been to work, looking forward to seeing everyone this morning.  We're taking our gain in 2018 and then our first check-in in January will show a loss (well hopefully mine will as I'm not really going to get properly on track till Monday/Tuesday).
We were chatting yesterday and apparently the bag of flaxseed I have in the cupboard which I've not opened is very good for menopausal systems, the internet has conflicting information but as I have it and it's only 2SP per tablespoon I've said in January I'm going to start sprinkling some in natural yogurt each day, hell if nothing else the yogurt is good for me and the omega 3 oils in the seed is too. My systems have been particularly strong the last few days, night sweats, muscle pains - all of em lol.  Got a massage this morning that'll hopefully nah definitely make me feel more relaxed.

My bestie came to visit yesterday, I haven't seen her for a few weeks and my moms reaction as we sat down was to turn the tele up from 75 to 98!  Such fun!   My brother turned up an hour later and started telling some of his tales which made us all laugh.  

We all watched Die Hard on the night before mom and I had an early night at 8, this is my new plan, We're going to start going to bed as early as 8 because that's why her sundowning gets really bad and she turns into someone I'm not so keen on, it's hard enough when I'm wide awake but once we're both starting to get tired bed time for sure.  

Anyway, I do believe it's bacon sarnies for breakfast, nom nom, I'll catch you tomorrow when hopefully I'll have a new settee in situ, let's hope it comes through the doors okay!  


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