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Sunday, 23 December 2018

I've got a week off!

Sunday 23rd December 2018
Sometimes in life we just need a hug.  No words, no advice, just a hug to make you feel better.

And a hug was exactly what I received yesterday, I know my besties care about me but yesterday it was evident how much Vicky did when we were all sat down having our Christmas get together breakfast which Bonnie made (delicious it was) and the subject of my mom came up and I got upset.  I could see she just wanted to make everything better for me, unfortunately that's just not possible.  We had a very emotional conversation, there were tears and then we hugged it out.  Thankfully the rest of my day was mostly calm, mom was okay till about 7 on the night so I suggested an early night, we were in bed well before 9.  Before that though, she thoroughly enjoyed watching Elf with me and chuckled through it.

We had a lovely workshop yesterday, last one before Christmas for me and we got to celebrate the lovely Charlotte achieving her goal, having lost 4 stone, just incredible and what a Christmas present to herself; 

And I've just done the final pre Christmas total from my members for the Food bank and to add to the 3,000 meals we've donated, the running total of cash is £2,146, how amazing is that, I know lots of my members donated instead of buying me a gift which was very, much appreciated.

Oh I tasted Christmas Tree flavoured crisps yesterday, my sister got them for me, they actually do taste like pine, horrid things, you can taste the wood and greenery and it's just wrong.  I'll eat most things but I only managed 2 crisps.  If all crisps tasted like that, I'd never eat them again. 

Hoping to sneak out to Waitrose today and have some me time, yesterday morning with the girls eating breakfast gave me a lot to think about and although it's difficult, I know they're right and I do need to make time for myself.  Mom's said some hurtful things the last week and although I know it's the disease and she doesn't mean it, there's always a little part of me thinking if the thought wasn't in her head somewhere, the disease couldn't make her think it and oh, that breaks my heart.  But then I remember some of the things I said yesterday morning and I know I don't mean them so I completely understand how she says those things.  VILE is what Alzheimers and Vascular Dementia is, pure evil in the form of an illness.

I know everyone thinks I'm joking when I say it, but I truly do believe in Father Christmas and Christmas spirit and I'm relying on it this year to hold my household together so we can have a very wonderful day and a lovely week without drama or conflict.   Think about it, why shouldn't I believe in Santa, lots of people believe in God, what's the difference, none of us have seen either, although my sister and I did hear his bells on the roof once - YEAH we did!

Right, here's to a very, enjoyable Sunday, not sure what's on the menu, we shall see, but weight loss isn't a priority till new year.  Go give someone a hug, it's like therapy, treatment and love all together, so good.  

My life might not be perfect right now but there is a lot of laughter and love in-between the difficult moments, I'll just focus on them and ignore the crap, a bad moment does not have to make a bad day - remember that.

Catch ya tomo. 

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