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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Mucky day out there, chill out I reckon

9th December 2018
supporting another's success won't ever dampen yours.

It's a mucky morning out there, but I've just arranged to meet my mate for brekkie so all is good with the world, we ain't seen each other for weeks.  I'll choose wisely though as I was out yesterday too wasn't I.  Have to say as nice as the food was, I had heartburn afterwards but I honestly believe it was the few biscuits I had with my tea that finished me off,  my stomach can not cope with sweet food at all.  The food at the Venue in Dudley was delicious, the toilets need a good clean over, I judge a place on it's loos but other than that it was a good afternoon.  I got back about half five and my brother had sat with mom all afternoon, he now knows it's not so easy and told me so.  It made for a uncomfortable night because she'd been out of routine and in the end I went to bed, no one sulks in my dreams (not yet anyway!)

Chicken wings have to be one of my all time favourite foods and I had me 5 at that meal yesterday, I need to work these into my 'diet' on a regular basis, Sainsbury's do a good one at their hot counter, you can get 10 wings in Nandos for 12SP, not a bad treat cost at all.  I stuck to chicken, fish or veggie based things and I've just realised I didn't see any chips, I resisted the naan bread but did have a sneaky slice of pizza and it was a small slice plus there was a walnut tart that I had a sliver of with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream, now that was delicious but again, stomach struggles to digest the sweet stuff.

I might nip to Sainsbury's whilst I'm in Cannock and buy some healthy food, the fridge looks a bit bare all but milk and diet coke and the cheese that I want to eat constantly but will resists.  Could have chicken and chorizo cheese melt today or one day this week, a little bit of what you fancy is feasible on the Freestyle plan.  Ooo I have my food head on, I need to make sure I'm not hungry when I go shopping, but I might spend a bit of time in the kitchen later, might just sit with mom and spend some time with her instead though.  I am working through my office, sorting is going to take some time, all that paperwork to destroy.  Plus it's boringhell so I'm not going to rush to do it, will take my time, and check out the January sales for settee, rather than jump in feet first like I'm guilty of doing a lot.

Not got much to say this morning, other than my workshop was another cracking one yesterday, great to see my members hanging on in there, enjoying nights out and still managing a loss or maintain, or if they've gained it's proof they have an epic social life.

I'm typing on my laptop in the kitchen which I thought would be a great idea because the cat that's not my cat can have an hour in the warmth without me having to leave the door wide open for him to come and go.  I had to wait half hour to start my typing though because he thought I'd sat down to give him a good fuss and did his best to walk all over said laptop, I shut it in the end and gave in to his requests.  Spent a good five minutes watching him preen himself, such a graceful cat he is (I think he's an he, but as he's not mine and I'm no expert, I've never been 100% but we'll assume).

Anyway, here's to a very, great day, can you believe there's only 2 more Sundays before Christmas,  oh and that'll be the start of a weeks holiday for me - YAY to Christmas. Catch ya tomorrow.

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