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Sunday, 30 December 2018

One more day

Sunday 30th December 2018
Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.

One more day and I'm getting back on track, I've enjoyed my Indian takeaway, got the leftovers for today and I'll probably make that cheese and potato pie, but if I don't I can use the cheese when I'm on track within my daily allowance, nothings off limit lets remember.

I'm ready for it now, I'm ready to return to as normal as my life can be in all aspects, I like my routines.  The only thing that I feel needs adding is a bit of movement and that was the subject of yesterday mornings workshop.  After all it's no use just sorting out our eating if we still lazy and messed up in our heads, that's why WW focus on the three plan pillars: food, activity and mindset and why each week they look at topics related to them.  As I said the other day though, I'm not looking at turning into Super WWer overnight, I'm going to build up and work on what I can.  I already walk Alfie and that helps get my steps up on my Fitbit, ended on just shy of 8k steps yesterday which isn't bad to say I didn't move from noon!  Once my visitors have left and the house is tidy and back to normal (ha ha, well tidyish most of the time), I'm going to put music on in a morning and have a little dance round the kitchen whilst I'm getting mom sorted.  That'll earn me a few FitPoints and I might think of something else I could enjoy, I know the WW app now has some activity videos, I think I'll take a look at them when my phones charged up.  

Mac 'n' Cheese now there's a way to use up some of the cheese,  there's a recipe in my comfort book and also an ultimate version on the app, yeah it'll all get used and it can be frozen I know.

I'm a little deflated this morning but I'll be okay after some caffeine, it's all such hard work and going to work yesterday made me realise I go there for a rest lol, shame that's the truth or it would be funny.   But instead of dwelling on that, I intend to start getting myself fitter and healthier, at least I'm have a body and mind to cope with it all then, I'm sure insults and moaning bounces off a slimmer body easier ;)

Anyway tomorrow is the last day of 2018, what am I taking from this year?  Well patience is one of the best qualities you can have.  Be grateful and count your blessing, it helps a lot. Cry if you need to but don't dwell there too long.  Go to bed when it all gets too much, it's always better in the morning. And of course, find any opportunity to laugh, because it truly is the best medicine.  Oh and you can't really beat sitting in a calm, quiet room.

On that note I'm going to make me a cuppa and sit in a calm, quiet room before they all wake up!  Have a very, great Sunday whatever you're up too.

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