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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

No shame in a maintain!

Wednesday 12th December 
Eat like you love yourself.

Well I managed a maintain on the scales yesterday I'm pleased to report, now to not go off track this week because I can feel me slipping into Christmas a little too soon!  Carol saved me from myself last night, I needed milk and was going to pick a carton up on my way home, she gave me the one she'd bought for our tea/coffee in meeting, how did this save me you ask?  Because the other thing I was going to buy was ICE!  But Bev there are no calories in frozen water?  No, maybe not but there is in the glass of Bailey's I was planning to drop it into - yep, that had been my plan, instead I went home and had my M&S pizza and a nice big glass of red instead.  I could've easily started my celebrations a week early yesterday, but today I've woke up ready to have the rest of the week on track.  I bought 3 chickens for a tenner on Monday, ones eaten, it's been shared by every person and creature in this house including the cat that's not my cat.  I'm thinking, skinning and portioning the other two is the solution to not eating the skin, thus saving points, yeah that's the best.  I fancy a mild curry today I think, or maybe a hotpot, or should I make both, then I have today's and tomorrows meals sorted.  

If I could lose another pound next week, then I can have a cracking break over Christmas, regain that 4lb I've lost the last few weeks, then restart in January and get serious again.  WW is for life, not just for Christmas! 

Just remembered, I have M&S Coquilles St Jacques, 6SP each and deliciousness on a dish, so that might have to be today's lunch, we'll see, not sure of the use by date.  I will get back to tracking though, not done it since the weekend, it does make a difference as it makes me think about whether what's in my hand is worth putting in my mouth! 

The one thing I liked when I was tracking and on track was the lack of heartburn, I need that back and eating well was what helped and eating the portion sizes I needed not wanted made the difference too.

Yeah as soon as I finish typing, I'm going to go skin and portion those chickens, once that's done, I can't go back and change my mind.  Then I'll see what ingredients I have and what I need which I can get from the Co-op, it'll only be veggies.  Ooo I have green beans, chicken and green bean curry works well.  

This time next week, I'll have a house full of crazy, so I'm going to enjoy the calm for the rest of the week.  I love how close our family has become, we've always been there for each other, it went without saying, but you know what's nice now, it doesn't go unsaid.  We share our feelings, we talk on the phone, yeah I had a good natter with my bro on the phone yesterday morning, I had to tell him to hang up in the end because I needed to go to work.  It's good to know they care and would do more if they could, that's enough sometimes.

Anyway, tis the season to be jolly apparently (but not yet), it's also the time for loving and giving, I read a wonderful FB status this morning about one of my gold members finally sorting out the red tape to get her husband home for Christmas (and forever thankfully).  The Foodbank drive we've been having the last few months has been a huge success, you're generosity is extraordinary, I'm trying to get the cash total up to £2k before Christmas, help me by texting 

WWDD66 £1 

to 70070. Make my Christmas, get your phone out and help me feed those out there that are struggling at this time, families trying to feed their kids, not buy them gifts.  We're trying not to eat and they ain't got any food.  It isn't just homeless people, it's families who are trying to do the best for their families, people on universal credit who are waiting months to get their money.  Imagine losing your job at this time of year and having to wait weeks and weeks for help to be sorted!  Do you have enough savings to keep your head above water for 2 - 3 months?  I'm only asking for a quid, why not donate your dinner money or your costa coffee cash.  Get everyone you know that you come into contact with to do exactly the same thing today.  

A selection box costs as little as £1, does that kid really need MORE chocolate, no, but the kid you don't know could have a good healthy breakfast with that pound.

I'll leave you with that thought, enjoy your breakfast BeYOUtiful, I'm thinking eggs, enjoying the zeros to help me stay on track. xx

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