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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Ready for the scales!

4th December 2018
A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.

Well I have done a lot of dreaming last night but on a positive my fitbit app is telling me I still had 8 hours sleep, I was restless 13 times and awake for 22 minutes, I thank Alfie for some of that - he woke me up around midnight, so I may have dreamt a lot but at least I slept, not a fan of dreams, they're hard work.

Anyway in other news, I only made the week on track and ended with 2 weekly points left! Check me out, oh yeah, whoop whoop, proving to myself I can be in control, now for another week of the same, I can hopefully keep this up until my brother and wife get here.  I'm out for lunch Saturday because of work but I'll try not to go mad, plus the foods before the meeting and if I eat too much, I'll fall asleep.

Yeah 2 weeklies left, 111 active minutes, 68 Fit Points earned and I know I can get more on that this week, the active minutes have pleasantly surprised me as I didn't think Alfie's walks were active.  It'll be interesting to see how they change when FitPoints 2.0 lands on my app, looking forward to that because they'll be our most personalised ever.

Oh I better get a weight loss this morning or I will sulk at least for a minute, the truth is I haven't had heartburn for a week which is a bonus but also I haven't been obsessed with food, yes I've still enjoyed it but I haven't fixated on it and I feel so much better in myself.

Yesterday I had bubble and squeak for breakfast using all the Sunday roast veggies, it was lush, then later I had 20 black olives for 2SP, they'd been in the fridge a week in an airtight tub and I finally noticed them and thought ooo nice snack.  They kept me occupied till I had my dinner about half four and that was the spare roast chicken dinner from the day before = delicious.

We had an early night, I was asleep just after 8, I'd had a long bath and a glass of red and I felt super chilled out, although I'm a bit cold this morning, need to go flick the heating on.

Honestly if you're sitting there thinking I wish I could get my head back in the game, you can, go full on using those zero foods for a few days so that you're not hungry, break that overeating or mindless eating cycle and it'll get easy as each day passes, I promise.

What's helped me the most I think is accepting not matter what I eat or drink my circumstances will not change, at least if I spend this time getting healthy I feel better, if I feel rubbish, it makes being a carer even more difficult.  When I'm on track and doing it, it also makes my work easier, no one's gonna listen to a coach who isn't on it!

I'm thinking eggs this morning, it's the old do I eat before I get on the scales scenario and the answer is yes, I'd eaten last week before I got on them and a little bit of food won't make that much difference.  Maybe I'll opt for egg rolls, I like them, they're quick and easy.  I love a fried egg but feel the need for bread with them, maybe some fruit and yogurt, ooo decisions, decisions.  There's chicken in the fridge to cook too, so I'm thinking maybe sweet and sour chicken or chicken with veg and gravy again, really liking the simplicity of that and it's delicious too, ooo chicken, roast carrots and onions with cabbage and gravy, nom nom.  There are faggots in the freezer, you get two of them for 5SP, they're rich and tasty too, proper comfort food.  Now I fancy liver and haven't got any, I'm a lambs liver kinda girl.  See with the Freestyle Plan you don't have to live on chicken and eggs!  Oh I've also got salmon in the freezer, at least I know I have choices, but first to get ready for work.

Truly looking forward to workshops this week as I know my members have been supporting me all week by following the plan too, can't wait to see our results.

Here's to another very, great day BeYOUtiful, following the plan our way. x

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