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Monday, 10 December 2018

Monday morning AGAIN!

Monday 10th December 2018
you are what you do, not what you say you'll do.

Monday morning rolls round again, only one more after this before Christmas, I'm hoping my members will have one more generous streak with the food bank, be great to do at least one more drop before and then another after starting January how well mean to continue in 2019.

I had a quiet day yesterday, needed to recharge after a busy week, finally had a catch up with my bestie too, then mom and I watched one too many Christmas movies, finished off with Doctor Who, then had an early night.

I'll be happy with a maintain on the scales this week, but I intend to have a good week ahead, although I do want to live out of the freezer and not do a big shop.  There's a shank of lamb in the fridge we'll have today, it'll be split between mom, me and Alfie will get a bit so that will only cost me about 4 or 5SP, I'll have lots of veggies with it and a couple of roasters (they're taking space up in the freezer), eggs for breakfast will save me some points.  I have some spuds that need using, I'm loving mash at the moment, but I'm thinking about doing something else with them, maybe a fish pie to use up more of the freezer contents.  We'll see.

My office looks worse than when I started sorting, thesis gonna be a long, yak job.  It'll give me time to decide if I really do want to change my office as it is my sanctuary really and as much as I'd love a nice 2 seater settee, do I want to make the trade off to get it.

See everything comes with consequences, especially over eating!  Need to keep that in mind the next few weeks.  Is that mince pie, glass of baileys whatever worth the consequence on the scales.  What are we willing to gain having fun and indulging.

I've got a lot to do this morning because of having a lazy day yesterday, here's to making the most of the run up to a very, merry Christmas.  Let's have a very, great day.

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