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Monday, 17 December 2018

11 more meetings

Monday 17th December
Only ever compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

What a lovely day yesterday turned out to be, we watched a heartwarming tale on Netflix called Dumplin (defo recommend), then my brother and niece popped in for a visit, then our new Amazon Echo turned up, well how easy are they to set up!  once we did, mom had a sing song with it, until she got fed up.  Despite her mood dipping after our visitors had gone, I enjoyed my day, I know how to handle her moods most of the time now, I know what to do to bring her round, if it's TV she's having an issue with, I just put something else on for her, it was all causing her grief last night so we went to bed just after 7, I didn't mind as I'd been up since 4ish, plus I have my laptop if I want to watch tv or my phone if I want to listen to a book, I can also use my Echo for that too, they're great, even the fact I can listen to the radio via them is brilliant.  The radio in my kitchen has been playing up for so long, happy Christmas to me!

Oh my breakfast yesterday, Eggs Benedict, thank you WW for bringing out hollandaise sauce at 1SP a pouch, I'm impressed and chuffed, one of my favourite breakfasts but I only have it when I'm out as it's too much hassle to make.

Then I wake up this morning to find out Robbie Williams is now a WW ambassador, Kate Hudson too (I like her), but Robbie, well he's one of moms favourites so she will be pleased when I tell her.

Robbie follows WW Freestyle

A lovely lady made these keyrings for me to sell for the food bank, I posted them on Facebook and they'd all gone within the hour at £3 each.  She has said she will make more if anyone wants one message me, I can even ask her to make personalised ones for a fiver, they're handmade with real wood and then engraved.  Brilliant and they raised £55 (well they will once I get the money and dish them out) kept myself on of course as a reminder each time I pick my keys up that I am BeYOUtiful.

Anyway the week's going to get better as my brother has just posted that he and Alexis are at the airport coming home for Christmas, they won't get here till late this evening as they're flying to Luton (cheap flight) oh and I recommend www.kiwi.com for booking cheap flights, they're customer service was so helpful, the automated machine was good but couldn't solve my problem and I said 'I want to talk to a person' and it put me straight through, the lady was lovely and solved my probs.  Anyway, looking forward to having the around and the laughter they'll fill the house with.  I suppose I should tidy up, but if I don't it'll give Alexis something to do whilst Terry sorts the bathroom, fixes the skirting in the kitchen, looks at the porch door (there's a gap at the top, causing a draft), fixes the shed door, and if he gets really bored, I'd like all the downstairs walls painting ;) I can live in hope ;)

Right, paperwork for my real job to get done, walk Alfie, got the dentist lunchtime (for me this time), I'm going to try and take a car load of food to the food bank today and then I will hopefully get to sit on my backside and do a little crochet.  I started sewing the blanket together yesterday, it's gonna take a while, fiddly job for sure but I'll enjoy sitting under this one, it's a keeper, too much work gone in it to part with.

Have a very great day BeYOUtiful, it's only 8 sleeps to Christmas so Alexa informs me, she's my new friend, just like my bestie she doesn't understand me yet, Lynne used to say 'I don't know what you said' a lot when we first started hanging out together.  How cool would it be if you could choose the voice for your Alexa, now that I'd like.

Right I'm off, turrah.

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