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Monday, 24 December 2018

One more sleep....

Monday 24th December 2018
Well yesterday was a lovely Christmas Eve, Eve, I went and had a lovely stroll round Waitrose, treated myself to some lovely bits and bobs to make me smile.  Oh I do love food, I really do.

Mom and I then spent the afternoon watching Christmas movies and then Terry and Alexis arrived back, Mark dropped in and we had a chilled out evening, mom went to bed first.  I followed not long after and popped in to say good night, as I was about to leave, she said, 'Don't go, stay and talk to me for a bit', she never says that, so I lay on her bed with her and we chatted for a bit, me trying to keep my eyes open and failing really but I lasted ten minutes and now it's 5.30am and I've been awake an hour, my body clock is all over the place.  

I think I'm gonna give the kitchen a real good sort this morning, that'll make Christmas dinner easier to cook tomorrow, there's so much housework that should be done.  Terry asked me last night what I was going to do with my week off, I didn't know, it's been 12 months since I had a break, I have no idea, I'll probably just chill out at home because there's not a lot I can do.  This week will be gone before I know it, I mean once we've had Christmas Day and Boxing Day, it'll be Thursday and I'll be back at work Saturday! 

What do people do on Christmas Eve?  I know a lot of them work, I fell lucky this year because I don't run workshops on a Monday otherwise I'd be working too.

I didn't do a roast dinner yesterday, I picked at stuff all day, then had a beef and stilton cob, it was olive bread too, so good with sun roast tomatoes, mmmm.  Of course it was washed down with a glass or two of the red stuff, yep that's what I intend to do all week, eat foods I wouldn't eat most of the time, stuff like potato salad (not exciting I know but I love it and rarely have it because of the calories), and just generally chill out.

I can relax in the knowledge I've done my bit for charity, we've smashed our Christmas target, 
£2,276.00 BOOM!
Simply text: WWDD66 followed by the amount to 70070

And that's me signing off, I might not blog now till Boxing Day, it depends if anyone is awake first thing in the morning.  Just in case I don't, here's to a very merry Christmas, a peaceful one, not calm cos our house will be full of madness, but peaceful, mom was good yesterday, she only very, nearly went once and Terry caught her and turned it round before it was too late.  I'm thankful for everything and everyone I have around me and that's why I don't need gifts under the Christmas tree, I've got mom a little bit of silly but that's all.

Happy Christmas BeYOUtiful, have a very, very great time. 

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