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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

A week away.

Tuesday 18th December 2018
We have tomorrows for a reason.

And then there were 11 and after today, it'll be 8!  That's how many workshops I have till I get a break.  I dropped off more food at the food bank yesterday, they send a big thank you and we're only £28 off £2k, https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/donatedinner I'm sure we'll have that and more before Christmas, so thankful to everyone.  The dentist cost me just shy of £50 for a check up and scrape and polish, not cheap is it, are they all that expensive or do I need to move closer to home now I don't live over that side of town now.

My brother and his wife arrived at 8pm after a car hire fiasco at the airport, apparently having your driving licence and passport isn't enough, you have to have a paper bill with your address on or it's an additional £300+ bill for extra insurance!  What happens if you have paperless bills because apparently they didn't accept emails or copies either?

Alexa kept mom entertained for an hour with old songs, I'm putting together a playlist for her which I can add too every time she hears a tune she likes.  They really are very, very, clever.

This time next week it'll be Christmas, I can't see the scales being too kind to me, but I'm going to enjoy the rest of the year then become a very, serious WWer, if Robbie Williams can do it, I can!

I heard my brother actually say last night before they went to bed that he wouldn't bother drinking till Friday when he went out, so we should have a relatively calm week, although I'm guessing there will be a KFC involved somewhere as he does love one of them.  I resisted the chippy he fetched last night, it was late and I'd already eaten.

I'm looking forward to the week ahead at work and home, hope you are looking forward to your week too.  Here's to being happy, making wise choices where we can and enjoying every damn minute and mouthful when we can't!  Have a very great day, I'm going to, I'm even going to start it healthily maybe with an egg and hollandaise sauce on a slice of wholegrain bread, nom nom.  I'm already craving vegetables, don't think I had any yesterday!  That's not good at all.

Oh and I had a crochet catastrophe, the blanket has gone in a bag till after Christmas, one of the octagon pieces somehow ended up with an extra side as a nonagon, to make matters worse, I'd already sewn it into place with the other pieces and it's the one in the middle, so it's all got to be carefully taken apart, then I either have to make an extra 8 sided piece or make the blanket a lot smaller and remove a line of 4 pieces.  I'll see how I feel in the new year and hope that I've only done it with one of the pieces.  I'll stick to my squares, they never cause this kind of trouble and I can do them with my eyes closed, they don't take as long and they still look lovely, warm and comfortable when they're finished.  Less is more as they say!

Anyway, I better get ready for work, my boss is coming today I do believe, better press my best behaviour button before I leave the house :)

Happy week before Christmas Tuesday BeYOUtiful, enjoy your day.

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