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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Back in the game!

20th April 2017
Failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of success.

What a difference a day makes, as the song would say '24 little hours', well I slept about 7 of them, the rest I spent sorting out a new phone, fixing up my new printer and laughing as my pc gave em the blue screen of doom telling me my pc had run into problems, I need to take that to the poorly pc shop today now. It appears technology is not loving me right now but it is costing me a few quid! I can't live without a good phone with battery life that lasts, its with me all the time, for work, for keeping in contact with my bestie who's 30 miles away and for knowing my mom can contact me at anytime, so I've upgraded so I don't have that to worry about it. The contract may not be cheap, but some people spend that much on a Costa coffee every day, each to their own I say.

Whilst all this crazy was going on, I'm proud to say I stayed on track – YAY, breakfast was 6sp of eggy crumpet, mushrooms & tomato, really good and truly filled me up, if I had mushrooms left, I'd be having it again this morning. 

For lunch I had an M&S cottage pie, with cabbage and carrots for 13sp, that was delicious too. 

Then last night for my tea I had a sweet potato jacket potato with protein cheese on it and a plate of salad 8sp, ended my day feeling in control and not even tempted by the drawer full of Walkers cheese and onion crisps that mom has. 

I even ate a banana and an apple – that's good for me!

I need to make a shopping list of healthy stuff, cottage cheese has just been mentioned – I like that a lot, I need bread, didn't buy it last night so I wasn't tempted to eat any! I'm using what I have too though, got low fat pork sausage out of the freezer yesterday and going to have them with mash and peas I think today, with a bit of gravy and possibly a Yorkshire pudding – nice. That's dinner sorted, eggy crumpet for breakfast again maybe, then I'll have a mooch to see what we've got left in kitchen for tea.

I feel good this morning, ready to take on my busy day and cope with whatever technology failure the universe may throw at me! Even Alfie tip tapping across my bedroom floor at 1am hasn't bothered me, he's actually done that every day this week, but he doesn't want to go out, I think he can hear the foxes maybe outside, who knows, maybe he's waking me up to tell me to go to the bathroom, which I do.

Keeping busy helps take my mind off eating, a couple of dog walks albeit not very far, and setting up at my meeting got my steps to almost 10k, that's not bad to say I spent hours sat at my pc yesterday, I'm quite chuffed with those numbers.

We're talking Mindful eating in my meeting this week, loving it, it's a fascinating subject, a really good book that covers the subject in depth is called Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink, I thoroughly enjoyed it when I read it a few years ago, really gives you something to think about.

Right I need to write a shopping list ready for when I do go shopping, why don't you help me write it, comment on this blog what I should be buying to help my weight loss, help me remember what helps with the weight loss.

Right short one today, I wanna cuppa and it's cold, need to go turn the heating on I think. Let's make Thursday tremendous, I have to make sure I have my tea planned for when I get home as it's my danger day, I think I'll put it up before I go back to work tonight, then it'll be ready, I'm thinking a huge salad of some kind that'll take ages to eat – we shall see.

Healthy & Happy again!

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