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Monday, 10 April 2017

Let's start week 15!

10th April 2017
The main thing, is to keep the main thing the main thing!

Don't you just love sunshine, yesterday was such a lovely day, even if I did spend most of it indoors, just knowing it was lovely outside helped.  I managed to dog walks and half hour sitting in the garden, in-between giving the bathroom two coats of paint.   I have a lovely brilliant white bathroom now that I don't want to put junk back into, so I need to sort it all out and decide what we do use and what's older than Alfie, toiletries have a way of getting stored in our bathroom, I'm sure there's a roll-on I bought back from America in there!

I managed to eat well too, resisted the cheese & onion crisps that came for mom in my shopping delivery, I had a bacon and tomato sarnie for breakfast and chicken, wedges and roasted courgette for my dinner, I just had a slice of bread with some leftover chicken for my tea, it's amazing how you don't seem as hungry when you're doing stuff.  There was a V&T consumed whilst I was waiting for my first coat of paint to dry and a glass of white wine to celebrate the second coat being finished. 

I'm back on track now, got plenty to keep me busy today, normal work stuff to get ready for my meetings this week, the glossing in the bathroom might have to wait till next weekend, it's not my favourite part of the decorating experience.  Oh and I won't be buying Valspar trade matt again, horrible to paint with, I don't care if it is tough & durable and scrubbable, I'd rather have a paint that isn't any of those things that goes on easier. 

Not sure what's on the menu today, need to check the use by dates in the fridge on things before deciding whether to go counting or no count, decisions, decisions.  I do know it'll probably start with eggs for breakfast though, maybe scrambled, mmm with a bit of protein cheese in possibly.

I did enjoy my half hour or so in my garden, looking forward to doing that more, the tulips and daffodils look amazing, I need to find the sunflower seeds I've got and get them in the ground before it's too late, but first another mug of tea and some WW work.

Here's to a great day, can't believe it's Monday again, soon comes round doesn't it, week 15 of 2017 we're on, scary that is.

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