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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Juvenille :)

2nd April 2017
You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself. (The Wizard of Oz)

Awake since just gone 2am, what's that all about!  Lay there for over an hour, then gave up and got up, I may as well get an early start on cleaning the kitchen and bathroom this morning, but the time to good use.

An hour later, I'm still sat at my pc Pinteresting and looking for stuff for my new tidy bedroom!  At least it's relaxing and I'm enjoying myself, I'll get to the housework soon enough, another mug of tea or two first though I reckon.

Yesterday was good, it started with silliness and shenanigans on the morning, Bonnie sent me a photo showing her car driver window smashed saying, "look what I woke up to this morning!", I was all "what the hell, what were they after', then she admitted it was an April fool, I was truly taken in!  Told my bestie and she said, you going to have your members with one, I thought mmm, what could I do, so I just put a post on Facebook saying my car wouldn't start.  I was actually really touched by people offering to come give me a lift, I soon fessed up and said it was an April fool. 

When I got to meeting we didn't have our usual room because they were having a jumble sale, but we couldn't get in the chapel because it was locked, I thought to myself that's karma, God's pulled his own April fool on me, it was all good we ended up in the chapel and coped.

Two of my mad members set me up a treat, one was telling me how she'd not been to the loo when I weighed her and said if she managed to go could she get on again, I said yeah course you can, then she came back 5 minutes later saying 'I've been, can I see if it's made a difference' or words to that effect, then proceeded to put a poo on my scales! Thankfully it wasn't real but it did make everyone chuckle when she said 'April Fool'.   This was the same member who'd wrote 'Juvenille' on my Facebook April Fool post ;) Once that crazy was over, I thought right back to work, Karen had text me Friday saying she'd had a dreadful week and was not looking forward to the scales at all, we'd had a bit of a counselling session, so when she got on the scales and had gained 10.5lb I was like 'ouch' that was a bad week, now how shall we handle this, etc, when all of a sudden she removes a bum bag from her waist and says "April Fool", she got me good and proper, 10lb of gym weights in the bag and slid round the back so I couldn't see them!  Barmy - all of em.

It made for a jolly good giggle and a cracking morning meeting, especially because there was also lots of weight loss and certificates handed out too.  

The rest of my day was much calmer, massage, dog walk, film (Central Intelligence - highly recommended it's brilliant, really funny, I've not heard mom laugh that much at a film in a long time), early night - bliss.

Today I think I need to do some shopping, either online or in store, we shall see, I'm going to do my housework before I think about anything else, get it out of the way.  There is still so much to do in the house from a sorting and decorating point of view, but there's no rush, it's needed doing for a while, it can wait a while longer.

As we've agreed in the meeting this week, I need to be patient and take my time with my house just as we all do with our weight loss journey's - nothing worth having comes easy!

On that note, have a great day, I'm off to wash up - boo ;)

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