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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Good morning...

23rd April 2017
You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.

We had a full house yesterday, my besties boyfriend upstairs in my bedroom (ooer mrs!), no he was building my furniture, doing my fitted wardrobes, he'll be back today to finish off, it's looking good, especially as I didn't know what I wanted inside them so he's 'organised' me, even worked out that I need those slow slide back in drawers because I'm a bit of a bull in a china shop kinda girl!   It's all going to look awesome, wished my bed was coming before May, although it's not that long really is it, this month's flown by.

Next my brother turned up and soon after my nieces with 2 bulldogs, Alfie wasn't so sure about the dogs, but he survived and basically kept getting them in trouble by playing the victim after teasing them!  It was a lovely afternoon, even if for an hour of it felt like a busman's holiday as I did a WW meeting & getting started session with my nieces as they want to lose a bit of weight for summer.  Now they've been welcomed into the Weight Watcher family too, I'm expecting them to turn up to a meeting.

Today's going to be busy too with the man coming to put my blinds up and my wardrobe man back, I said I was going to do housework yesterday but I ended up doing nothing but enjoying having visitors so I'll start this morning with sorting the kitchen so at least the man can get to the window to put blinds up!  I want to pop to Lidls too, they have chairs I want, plus I won't have my car tomorrow because it's going in to be serviced and mot'd - April is a truly costly month so far!

Not too bad with the meal choices yesterday, we had a lovely salad for lunch with Weight Watcher crustless quiche, they're really nice, I need those in my love again soon.

I need to do something with the grains I've got in my cupboard, so maybe I'll look for some ideas for that today, I can't remember exactly what I've got but I'm thinking quinoa and couscous, not sure, but I'll have a mooch in the cupboards then a look for ideas.  I've also got a bag on beansprouts in the fridge I added to my shopping without thinking about what to do with them, so some kind of stir fry maybe use up the veggies too. 

As you can see, I've not really planned this weekend, I do know that all the food in my fridge is healthy stuff though so I'm half way there, plus I woke up feeling good which is always a good thing.   I had a cracking night's sleep to say I was sleeping downstairs on the bed settee, we only got woke once by the foxes wailing, horrid noise.

Mmm beansprouts for breakfast?  I can if I want too, thinking some soy sauce, mushrooms, if I have noodles, I'm thinking a chow mein style dish, but I'm not sure I have, I know chow mein for breakfast isn't normal but as I said with my breakfast yesterday #whybenormal.

Right I'm hungry, I'm off to see what I can concoct for my breakfast, keeping it healthy of course. Have a great day BeYOUtiful, I'm sat smelling coconut vanilla orchid melt in my wax warmer, it's gorgeous, no calories in the sense of smell.  

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