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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Another day, another 3 meals

26th April 2017
You are not going to master the rest of your life in one day.  Relax.  Master the day, then just keep doing that every day.
When monthlies and weigh day land on the same day, you just take what the numbers say, smile and carry on.  I managed 1/2lb loss after removing everything I could whilst retaining an element of dignity, I was happy with that.  I think if you've been reading my blog for a while you know I'm not the 100% Weight Watcher and I'm happy in my skin so as long as the numbers don't continue to go up, I'm good. 

I'm a Watcher not a Loser ;)

I've eaten really healthy, good stuff this week, I've also partaken in controlled not so healthy but tasty and of course the liquid stuff I like so much, which makes for a happy Beverley and a good life. 

We had a good day in the meetings yesterday, plenty of weight loss, plus plenty of post Easter, school holiday gains too, this is what life is all about, the reality is, no one is going to be 100% losing for the rest of their lives, it's just not realistic.  I just need for some of my BeYOUtiful members to stop beating themselves up about not being that perfectly behaved member and realise it's okay to slip as long as you don't stay down.

Food wise yesterday, I had a couple of slices of toast for breakfast, lunch was a thai salmon fish cake with sundried tomato rice and veggies, then for my tea I had a chicken and cashew nut ready meal and throw in a bag of beansprouts to bulk it out.  Neither of those meals I'd chose to buy again if I'm honest, they weren't all that at all.

I'm still thinking about that Sashlick I had the other day though, my how I wished we had a Waitrose closer to me, a little one would be so awesome, just for the niceties in life.

Back to reality, my car passed it's MOT, my bedroom is almost complete, my bathroom is too, it's all coming together and I'm a happy lady.  I would highly recommend decluttering to everyone, it really does make you feel lighter.  It's weird though because there's not 'stuff' in my bedroom right now, including clothes and rugs etc, it sounds empty and last night lying in bed I could hear the fridge!  Thankfully it quietened down after half hour and I eventually managed to get to sleep at midnight, check me staying up late.  I've had 5 hours at least and I don't have to rush this morning, although I do have a lot of stuff I want to get done.  It looks like it's going to be a glorious day, if not a bit cold.

Got my bestie coming for lunch, I think we'll have the Indian sides that were part of the meal deal at the weekend, I might cook a bit of chicken to go with them too, we shall see.

Moms moving, I can hear the profanities flowing as she walks across her bedroom like gollum, only it isn't "my precious" she's saying!

I'll be off, eggs for breakfast this morning I think, mmm scrambled possibly on a slice of toast.  Ma'an good food tastes the best.

Healthy & Happy BeYOUtiful. xx

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