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Monday, 3 April 2017

What's going on?!

3rd April 2017
Don't grow up, it's a trap!
Turns out having a bit of patience is quite good for me!  Yep, this time last week I was contemplating new carpets throughout the house, however as I've thought about it and looked for some, I've realised other than the cost involved, I actually like my laminate wooden floors a lot.   The only reason I was thinking of replacing was because there's a bit of damage in a couple of places, turns out I can buy a repair kit to sort that out, so I'll have a go at that first.  The flooring in my bedroom is sound and I had it because I like walking on cold wood, I've never felt that way about  carpet.  Did I really just write that!  It's official isn't it, I'm truly a grown up now, not a very exciting one at that, I'm sat here discussing flooring, the highlight of my day yesterday was discussing blinds for my bedroom and whether to brave brilliant white on my walls, oh and looking for a floor mirror to stand up the wall and hide the radiator possibly.  Rock and roll baby, that's all I'll say.

I did my housework too, oh yeah apparently to keep this new tidy house looking clean, it has to be regularly cleaned, I'd like it known I even hoovered the top of the door frames and the ceiling, actually I Henry'd it, as it should be vacuumed shouldn't it and we have a Henry not a Hoover, dear me, I'm now discussing vacuum cleaners, I really have hit a new low. ;-)

Do you know what though, I do feel good for it, my office is still like a tip but it will get done, I need to box up the books that I'm getting rid of that'll make it look better immediately.

Now, on the other hand, my diet, well..... That's not been the best, I haven't been concentrating on my Smart Points at all, I haven't eaten ridiculously badly, well except Thursday night, no idea what came over me then but I had myself a right little greedy party.  Yesterday I had a burger as I left B&Q, rude not too, especially as they'd supplied me with a trolley with a burger holder to get my stuff out the shop (I couldn't take the pull along basket with me apparently, so they went and got me this trolley;
I'm going to do my online shop again today, should've done it yesterday but never mind, I've got chicken in so today's sorted, they're 2 for £7 in Co-op cook in the bag ones, cooked one yesterday in oven, might put the other one in the slow cooker today or tomorrow and let it just fall off the bone, then maybe put some of it in curry sauce, mmm.  This chicken and mash today with the one I've already cooked, I've got a cauliflower too, maybe No Count is the way today, no worrying about counting, ease myself back into it all gently.

Right I'm off to get my meetings planned for the week and all my paperwork up to date, before doing my online shop and whatever else we decide to do.

Here's to a wonderful week and enjoying the spring sunshine, it's good washing drying weather - see I've gone all grown up and dull! 

Be good BeYOUtiful. xx

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