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Thursday, 6 April 2017


6th April 2017
Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul.
Deep sigh!  Just realised I forgot to go back to the doctors at 4pm last night to pick up moms blood test requests, their computer systems were down when I took her for her appointment on the morning and they told me to go back, thought about it at 3ish, then because I leave the house about  4 for work it went clean out of my head.  I'm going to have to ask my sister to go and fetch them this morning, as they're closed this afternoon.  Although I'm not going to be able to take mom to have the blood tests done until Monday because I'm working all day today, then I've got to be at a meeting in Stafford tomorrow morning and have my meeting on the afternoon.  Just can't fit more in, having said that, I'm chuffed she agreed to go to the doctors at last because she's not getting better, if anything her mobility is deteriorating, when she does walk she's leaning at a 45 degree angle to the side, she isn't able to walk Alfie at all and can barely lift her arms, so let's hope these blood tests show something.  Getting old sucks I say!

To add to that, my pc is making weird noises on start up, so I'm backing it all up as I type and I think it'll need a trip to the computer doctor on Saturday or  Monday morning, depending on when he can look at it and get it back to me asap.

Other than that, life is good ;)

I managed a mostly No Count day yesterday, egg and tomatoes on warby thin for breakfast, lunchtime we went to The Star, Great Wryley, https://www.facebook.com/The-Star-Great-Wyrley-792032150885369/One of the most welcoming pub I've ever been too, service is excellent and the food is good.  I wanted steak and a jacket because I'd decided to go for a No Count day and instead of the tomato and mushroom, he offered me the veggies that my mates were having on their roast dinners, yay that made me happy, then I had a jug of gravy to top it off, that had to come out of my weeklies.  I'd definitely recommend this place, they're having a new member any day now too, so that'll be something to keep my eye out for.

I'm not sure whether I'll stick with No Count today, thinking of pointing as I have cottage pie and another ready thing in the fridge that would make my life much simpler today, I haven't got cooking in me I don't think.  However if they have good sell by dates on, I might have something simple like beans on toast for lunch and my leftover chicken casserole for tea, then I can stick with No Count for another day.  I could eat my own head these last two weeks, need to get my appetite under control and No Count usually helps with that, ooo just remembered I have giant crumpets, might have one of those with egg on for brekkie.  See my brains gone to hungry, what can I eat heaven already and it's not even half 5 in the morning.

Great start to my meeting last night, Wayne achieved his goal, losing 103.5lb, just amazing. 

His wife had posted on Facebook "So proud of hubby and son Adam today they both raced in the same Wednesfield aces cycle speedway team. 33 years after Wayne last raced for the club"

He also got an article written about him here;

It just shows what a difference losing weight can make to your life, I've never seen him smile so much!

This is the difference a year made, he joined January 2016, 

And this is Wayne collecting his gold last night.

I think that's enough inspiration to end the blog on, it can be done, never forget you can achieve your goals with a bit of thought and planning and persistence.

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