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Monday, 24 April 2017

Last Monday in April!

24th April 2017

Don't forget to be happy.

Morning, slept till 6 after going to bed at 10, only woke twice thanks to foxes and Alfie, I'll be glad when they've done with their mating rituals, not impressed at all, the squirrels in our garden don't make that kind of noise, yeah they dig my plants up but at least they're cute, look at him eating his breakfast yesterday morning outside my window;

I loved my breakfast yesterday, as it was St Georges Day, I had bacon and egg on a slice of toast,

it was a good way to start the day and kept me going till the afternoon when I had this delicious meal,
actually the most delicious 17sp I've eaten in a very long time! Teriyaki chicken with cauliflower & kale couscous in a lemon dressing.  It was from Waitrose, the packet of Teriyaki chicken was 5sp, and part of the 3 for a tenner range, the cauliflower & kale couscous thing was £1.99 but part of a 3 for fiver deal, it was meant to serve 2 but I ate it all myself and was truly stuffed afterwards, didn't eat again after that.

Kitchens all nice and sparkly clean after a good clean yesterday, actually I'm lying I still need to do the floor, I was waiting till the blinds had been put up as I knew he'd make a mess, then I forgot all about it.  Blinds look good though, we've got for daffodil colour, or yellow in everyone else's world, they really lighten up the room, next jobs to paint it, mmm, at some point.  Not until my bedrooms finished, I'm dressing off my mom's bedroom floor at the moment until my wardrobes are finished.  Poor chap wasn't very well at all yesterday, then he couldn't get the huge gloss panel up the stairs so it's had to come up in two pieces so I'm getting a bit of a shelf to disguse that, quite pleased about that to be honest as I like the idea of somewhere to maybe have a photo or two, we'll see.

I nipped to the shops to look for something to protect my under window cupboard from Alfie and save Alfie from breaking his neck if he jumps on and it's too slippy.  Found a piece of foam in Dunelm, that was all I found in there, they're a bit pricey, then I was pleasantly surprised by Matalan, some lovely stuff in there and good prices, I got a cushion, removed the middle and put the foam in so it'll be perfect.  Also got a few bits for the bathroom to cheer it up, I am pleased with the final results.  Just need the two  little cupboards now and it's finished I think.

After a morning of cleaning and a few hours shopping the rest of my day was spent chilling with mom and a glass or two of wine.

My week hasn't been 100% on track but it's been 100% improved compared to last week, I should get me a weight loss tomorrow, we shall see.  I've eaten some delicious meals regardless and good healthy food too.  Not sure what's on today's menu, we're eating according to the use by dates!

I'm stuck at home today unless I walk as my cars off for its annual service and mot, fingers crossed that all goes well!  

Here's to a great day either way, you in BeYOUtiful?

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