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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

When foods too good to share...

25th April 2017
Happy mind, happy life.
Another room sorted!  Oh yeah, I spent yesterday in the utility room, we've not got a huge house honest, we just turned our back living room into a kitchen leaving our once very tiny original kitchen as what we call the utility room where we've got our washing machine and drier (which needs one of those pipes because I've never seen so much dust in one room in all my life!), and I keep my larger kitchen gadgets on a bit shelf in there, like my food processor, slow cooker, actifry.  It's a useful room to stick that stuff you have to keep but have no space for.  Well anyway it was a mess and it was filthy, it ain't now though.  It's still not very pretty, the original tiles from when we moved in 20+ years ago are still on the wall and they're just functional, plus the original red floor tiles which I do like, it's just a very small practical room, it doesn't need to be pretty I guess, it houses the boiler too.   At least now it's very clean, hands and knees floor job, I bleached the back door which now looks new again.  The last room for sorting is my office, but at the moment, it's housing a large portion of my bedroom, so that job will wait a few more weeks. 

I did have to smile, as I'd almost finished after hours of being in there, mom said "what you doing?", I replied cleaning the utility room, to which her response was, "I don't know about that, this living room needs doing, it's a mess!"  Just call me cinderella ay!  Then I made her a cuppa and we spent the rest of the day watching a couple of movies.

Oh I had the best dinner yesterday, loving my food this week, Tandoori chicken sashlick from Waitrose, it was part of a £10 meal, 2 mains & 3 sides.  I'm eating them separately as meals, so I had the dhals, which make a good light meal, I had the sashlick with a cook in the bag grains & veg pouch.  Anyway it was delicious, it really was and only 4sp for half, or 9sp for the pack, I had the pack it was too good to share. 
These meals are really helping me stay on track at the moment, I'm not wanting to spend loads of time cooking in the kitchen because I'm doing the cleaning and sorting, I know I'll get back to being creative in the kitchen but not at the moment and to be honest for the price and how good it tasted I know I can't recreate that sashlick anywhere as good as it was, I've already added it to the basket for my next delivery, it was seriously tasty and lush. 

That's the beauty of Weight Watchers you can adapt it to suit your lifestyle and that's why I love it, now what shall we eat today.  I'll go see what's use by today and we'll start there.

Before that I need to shower and dress, it's a bit awkward having my clothes on moms floor but we're surviving, not long now, soon have my bedroom done and ready for relaxation.  Having the blinds fitted has made a huge difference to my sleep, I didn't realise how much better it'd be with a darker room at night, I've always slept with the curtains open because I was scared of the dark, but I've obviously got over that fear now - although total pitch black still freaks me out! 

Anyway, I'm waffling so I'm off, got my lovely members to see in a bit, kids are back at school, so we can all start our new Weight Watcher term too, let's hope they come back refreshed and raring to go after their holidays wanting to be teacher's pet and top of the class :)

Have a great day BeYOUtiful here's to get top marks!

My car passed it's MOT yesterday so I'm treating myself as it's pay day, I'll be having something from my basket Scentsy party, love my smellies.  If you want something, check out the website and let me know, you can have the stuff delivered directly to you if you're happy to pay P&P or I can have it delivered to me and pass it onto you to save on that cost. https://lynnewyatt.scentsy.co.uk/party/7682338/beverleys-party

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