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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Shaking their Booty's ;)

13th April 2017
Do what you love! 
Managed to do me a day 100% on track, all logged on the Weight Watcher app, got my first blue dot (for anyone who doesn't track on the app, it's what you get for tracking within your Smart Points for an entire day) my goal is to get a week's worth of blue dots and a weight loss!  I ate really well yesterday too, enjoyed everything I ate, that was made me realise I needed to get back to the healthy, I wasn't enjoying my food over the last few weeks.  I thought I was because after all, what's not to like about crisps and crap, truth was, it wasn't memorable and that's the kind of food I like to consume, stuff I want to tell other people about, not just eat.

My day looked like this;

Breakfast - Eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes on toast 6sp
Lunch - Tikka chicken, asparagus and stir fry veg with lighter than light mayo 5sp
Dinner - Sardines, black olives and salad - 6sp
Melon & grapes
Large glass of red wine - 6sp and I even tracked my skimmed milk in my drinks 4sp, I never do that lately!

Ended my day on 27, what was better was I ended my day satisfied and full, the chicken pieces will definitely be purchased again, 4sp for the entire packet,

The sardines were from the Co-op, I expected them to be more points.  I just fancied them after writing yesterdays blog, oily fish is good for us, so I can eat more of it for sure.

Despite food I had some lovely moments yesterday, firstly I rid my house of all my unwanted books, another thank you to the lady that is Bonnie, she's going to raise so much money for Cancer Research between now and June, please make sure you put June 3rd in your diary and nip along on the morning to her fundraiser at United Reform Church, Old Fallings Lane, Wolverhampton WV10 8BH, it's going to be a cracking good morning and she deserves a good turnout.

Next the door knocked again and a very special lady had turned up with a gift for me, a just because gift and they're the best kind aren't they, a "I saw this and thought of you", really made my day that did.

Then on the night at my meeting the inspiration Sara achieved her goal and I  managed to catch it on film https://www.facebook.com/bevww/videos/10154915651115862/  

It's taken her just over a year, joining in April 2016, she's now 5 stone and 1lb lighter, what an amazing achievement, she told us in the meeting how she's joined because her best friend was looking amazing after she'd joined, the story got quite emotional (what said in meetings, stays in meetings) now they're both at goal, here's a photo of both Nat & Sara before Weight Watchers;

 Here's one afterwards;
and them both achieving gold!
And of course off on the razzle together!

It's turned into a bit of a family affair, Sara has been encouraging anyone and everyone to join Weight Watchers to share the good feeling she has, including her husband who last night had another great loss,

He joined in January and has lost 35.5lb already, having bought a shirt off ebay, when it came it didn't fit, last night he comfortable fit into that shirt.
Day's like this are what life's all about, best job in the world, amazing friends and of course not forgetting the best mom a girl could ever ask for.

If you need to lose weight, get yourself off to a meeting, if you've already lost your weight, or you're on the journey and you'd love to share your passion, Weight Watchers are recruiting right now, go and have a look http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/job/ (if you apply put my name Beverley Longsden, I get a little bonus so be rude not too ;) )

Right, I'm off to do it all again, blue dot challenge, delicious healthy food, successful Weight Watcher meetings, love it!  

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