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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Good times

9th April 2017
My circle is small but the love is enormous and genuine - it gets no better.

It's half 8 and I'm out with the dog in the sunshine already. Check me out, I slept till 7, I was woken by the dog at 2 to go up the garden but I managed to get back to sleep. I think he's probably hearing foxes at this time of year and wants to go and investigate. 

I had the best day yesterday, starting with a cracking meeting, then I drove to have lunch and a catch with my bestie and to old mates I haven't seen for a while, one it has to be five years. Oh we did giggle, no actually we full on belly laughed and cried, it was so much fun. The rest of the restaurant didn't seem to be sharing our joy but hey, life's for laughing, they should try it.  I'm still smiling at the moment we all went quiet and either Jo or Ange said, "yep we're all thinking the same thing there ain't we!"  That's true friendship right there.

We went and sat in the beer garden with our Diet Pepsi drinks - yep all of us driving so no drunkenness and as the other benches filled up we noticed that we were the only ones communicating with each other, on every other bench one of the two were on their phone looking at the screen!   I've got to say, the steak was excellent and perfectly cooked but I wasn't blown away by the rest of the food, not the greatest chips and I had 2 spoons of the sticky toffee pudding and left it, the texture was odd, my mate left hers too. Nope The Rag didn't do it for me I'm afraid, I wouldn't go back, especially as they have two dogs that never stopped barking for the entire time we were there, I'm glad I don't live next door I have to say.  Sometimes though it doesn't matter where you are, it's who you're with.

I got home and took Alfie his walk, he wasn't feeling the love as it was warm by then, hence we're out early today. The rest of the day mom and I chilled, she didn't last long in the garden, apparently it's boring - I'm obviously not as good company as the tv :-)

Undecided about what's on the plan for today, but I do know I'm going to be tracking my food and getting back some control. Got my shopping being delivered. I'm tempted to paint the bathroom, practice my painting skills, see if I'm good enough to take on the other rooms! 


Well since that last paragraph, I've made mom and my breakfast, bacon, tomato, spring onion sarnie for 8sp, that'll keep me going for a while whilst I decide what to do with my day because it's going to be glorious out there.

Oh I remember what I wanted to share with you all, the new menu for The Star https://www.facebook.com/The-Star-Great-Wyrley-792032150885369/it starts tomorrow and I've had a sneaky preview, I'm proper impressed, if you want to see the entire thing, I've uploaded it here as a pdf, it looks good.

I particularly fancy the starter;
Chicken Shashlik. £4.95
Chicken strips marinated in a tandoori sauce
Set on a bed of mixed peppers and red onion, served on mixed leaves drizzled with mint yoghurt and a teardrop naan bread.

Obviously until I see it I can't smart point it but Shashlik is always low and the fact it's not a massive table naan will help enormously!  I also like the sound of

Tandoori Chicken Kebab Skewers. £9.95
Chunks of marinated chicken and roasted vegetables on a skewer served with hand cut chips, side salad and a mint yoghurt dip. (GF)

Plus it's gluten free which is a bonus for lots of people, actually they're menu is pretty gluten free friendly, the salad bar too looks lush, I fancy this one,

Rocket Sweet Potato Salad. £5.25
Pan fried sweet potato cubes and cherry tomatoes set on rocket leaves drizzled with an olive oil dressing.  


And desserts, well, I've just spotted Turkish Delight Cheesecake so I know at least one lady who'll want to try that, I fancy the apple betty and custard, thankfully with Weight Watchers you can, can't you!   Anyway check it out and don't forget to book as they're very, very popular!  It's not just the food that's good, it's the atmosphere and the lovely helpful staff, highly recommend it, and no I don't get anything for saying this, I never promote anything I don't believe in and don't accept bribes lol!

Right I'm off to get on with my day, enjoy this sunshine folks, I hope even if you're working today, you'll maybe get half hour to enjoy it. xx

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