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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Live your best life

15th April 2017
Giving up is not even an option.

Yesterday was a relaxed day and I loved it, I still got stuff done but in a nice calm fashion, I did spend a lot of time faffing around with my pc, trying to sort out itunes and I think I've finally got it sorted (time will tell), I also very generously got given an apple mac last night which I've already started to play with and will definitely enjoy continuing to get to grips with, I haven't used on in over 12 years since I left my last workplace, so I've forgotten most of what I knew.  I also need to recall all my passwords to open certain things on there that automatically open on my pc as I have the passwords saved - mmm good time to do password resets maybe.

I also used some time yesterday to get my bedroom all prepped and ready for decorating, I'll either start later today or maybe leave it till the morning, we'll see how I feel when I get back this afternoon.

Yeah yesterday once I'd done the jobs that I had to do, work wise etc, I used the rest of the day to do stuff that would simplify and help me with my everyday life, you can't beat a bit of self care.

We also had a delicious beef dinner, the beef was amazing, it just melted in our mouths, I'm not usually the greatest at cooking a joint so I was really pleased, we had it with green cabbage, mmm.  For tea I had a beef sandwich, sticking with No Count to give me one less thing to focus on for a few days, if I keep the lamb till Monday I could do No Count all weekend really, we shall see.

I love not rushing, I'm very much in the praise of slow, even though a great deal of my life doesn't allow me to be that, unrushed is by far my preference these days.  You notice more for a start, when Alfie takes me for a walk, he too is in the praise of slow, he takes his time, stops and smells everything, jumps on the odd bench to watch the world go by and I have to admit, when I don't have to be somewhere I really enjoy it too.

Strangely enough, when I'm not rushing through my day, I also not only enjoy my food more, but I spend more time making it and less time thinking about 'what can I eat next'.  Being calm and relaxed is good for me, accepting that everything doesn't have to be done in a day is also good for me.

Mmm, what to eat today, I have a bit of leftover cabbage and mash so a little bubble and squeak for breakfast possibly, I also have crumpets, maybe mom and me will have eggy crumpets for dinner today, keeping it simple this weekend I think, filling and easy, oh and cheap, been going a little crazy with the wages this month and it's tax month, plus my car has to be tax and mot'd a week on Monday, so beans on toast a few times I reckon.

Right I'm off to slowly get ready for work, cuppa first I reckon, just drunk my water, I need to call apple back at some point about my phone but there's no rush.

Have a BeYOUtiful day xx

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