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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

You don't have to give up eating loads of stuff!

22nd February 2017
Don't expect to see a change, if you don't make one!

Mid week already! Oh and for anyone who may not know, a week today I will have finished my Dry for Dementia month #justsaying!  What have I learned so far from it, well firstly that I don't think I was drinking too much in the first place because I honestly haven't noticed any great differences not drinking, I don't wake up feeling any different than I did last month, my energy levels aren't better, none of the things they promise.  It goes to prove everything in moderation, you don't have to give anything up to have long term weight loss success.  I actually had a brief conversation with a lady in Lidls yesterday, it went something like this;

Woman "What's your badge say?"
Me "Weight Watchers"
Woman "You lose weight then?"
Me "Yes I did"
Woman "Did you have to give up eating loads of stuff"
Me "No, I didn't have to give up eating anything"
Woman "Well how can ya lose weight if ya dow have ta stop eating stuff?"
Me "Because I didn't stop eating certain foods, I just ate less of them, I realised I didn't have to eat everything today just in case I died in my sleep, the food would still be there tomorrow.  Now I eat everything I ate before just less of it and less often."
Woman "aahhhh" (Lightbulb moment!)

Same with booze, I won't be giving up something permanently that I enjoy so much, I will possibly be inclined to have more alcohol free days once this month is over, now I've proven I can go a month without, I can certainly go a few days here and there.  Plus it'll help my weight loss for sure, because the one thing I have found is I'm finding it easier not to get the nibbles in the evening because I haven't had that glass of wine to loosen my resolve.   Yeah alcohol free days will be part of my new routine once this month is over, it'll make those glasses of red wine taste even better.  Oh my what if I have that first glass on the 1st of March and I don't like the taste!  That's like my nightmare but I'm awake!

Another good day yesterday, breakfast I did go and make my frittata before going to work, it didn't take long at all, I chopped a couple of spuds and put them in the steamer with frozen peas and sweetcorn, then sorted mom whilst they were cooking, then I put it in an oven dish, and poured on 5 whisked eggs, chopped ham and spring onions plus 2sp of Weight Watchers grated cheese and baked for 15-20 minutes, delicious, I ate a third of it for my brekkie.
For lunch we had Chicken kebab, mixed grains & homemade coleslaw (used 1sp weeklies), so good!   
Then my tea was beef burger with the works and 1sp for cheese from weeklies.  
 That's a full week I've done on No Count now I think, I might have me a counting day today, we shall see, but it's good that I can swap, yeah I'm going to, I fancy something different that comes out of a tin!  Lazy tea tonight I reckon, I might make kedgeree for lunch and that'll use jasmine rice which isn't No Count, yeah I could use brown but thanks to Weight Watchers Smart Points - I don't have to! 
It really is the best plan going, it's healthy, it's all about getting happy, it's realistic and liveable and I love it, plus it doesn't have to take over your life!

On that note, I'm off to clean my kitchen, it looks like we've been raided!

Have a wicked Wednesday BeYOUtiful. xx

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