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Monday, 27 February 2017

Let's finish February on a high!

27th February 2017
You will get there but only if you keep going...
It's almost the end of Dry Dementia, it has helped me get a few pounds off, my Christmas gain is now completely gone thankfully, I weigh the same this morning as I did on December 1st, since Jan 31st I've lost 6.5lb, now to get more off!  I'm more than happy to do it slowly though, I'm looking forward to a glass of red, I will be having more alcohol free days in the future though, especially week days.

Anyway it's Monday morning, I had a lovely day with mom yesterday, I gave her the gift I'd got for Mothers Day, why wait, every day should be mother's day after all the years of hard work they put it.  It was a book I'd had made at https://lovebookonline.com/ a personalized gift book that lists all the reasons why you love someone and is animated with stick people, mine included a shih tzu on every page of course, can't leave Alfie out!   She loved it.

Food wise I was pretty basic, wasn't feeling the domestic goddess vibe yesterday, did manage to make a cheese, mustard and potato pie though and we had it with fish cakes and beans, filled me up for the rest of the day.  For breakfast I'd had banana on crumpets with a squeeze of agave syrup, that was nice.

I walked Alfie twice, once with mom, can't beat a bit of fresh air, then the rest of the day was spent chilling, me listening to my book in the kitchen, I'm knitting again, just straight knitting, so it'll be a blanket at some point, I don't want to have to think too much whilst doing it and knit is the easiest stitch.  We watched some tv too, nice chilled out, restful day. 

I now have an incredibly busy week ahead, it's our Tea Party on Saturday 10-12, United Reform Church, Old Fallings Lane, Wolverhampton WV10 8BH - I do hope we have plenty turn up and raise lots of money.  I'm declaring Saturday no tracking day, no points in anything, it's for charity and I'll be using the 80/20 rule to the max!
I'm going to be 100% until Saturday though!  I'll be busy but I will still prioritise my health.

I have leftover cheese potato pie, so I'm thinking of making some pie things today, I've bought some of these Old El Paso Stand 'N' Stuff Soft Flour Tortillas;

They're 2sp each, I'm going to fill them with this ASDA Chosen By You Stewed Steak (only 5sp for the can);


And topping with the leftover mash.

Be nice with some veggies!

I might make those oaty pancakes for breakfast again, or maybe I have some potato cakes (using up what I have!) and a poached egg on the top, yeah that sounds good, I might even have asparagus with it. 

I'll work this morning then mom and me are going to chill again this afternoon, it'll all get done, actually I could do some of it whilst chilling in front of the tv with mom. That's my day sorted, hope you've got yours under control too BeYOUtiful, can't beat having a bit of a plan.

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