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Monday, 13 February 2017

Don't give those scales your power!

13th February 2017
Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
Well I have a lovely set of tidy cupboards in the kitchen now, the stuff I don't use (which actually wasn't that much) is off to a new home somewhere and the stuff I do use is all organised and in a cupboard instead of on a shelf ready to fall on my head at any second ;)

I did a couple of hours, more than enough and if I do a little bit here and there, eventually we'll work our way through the house. The theory is less stuff, less mess to make - whether that'll work... but it's worth a shot.  Plus I read yesterday and I'm taking it on board because I'm all about the healthy and happy and self-care is a big part of that so this might actually encourage me to want to do it;

“But cleanliness and tidiness are examples of self-care. It’s not just about cleaning up — it’s about the positive repercussions from doing so.” Think of organizing your kitchen as the equivalent of getting a massage. You’re more likely to feel taken care of and, as a result, more likely to treat your body better by fuelling up with good-for-you eats.

I like this a lot, plus if we go with the out of sight, out of mind principle, it most definitely applies in the kitchen. If you can see food on the side - my mom's treats are a prime example -  you’re more likely to eat it.   If you eat too much toast and wished you didn't, don’t keep the bread on the counter and your toaster out where you can see it, find it a place in the cupboard to make it something you have to make an effort to have.  Put your fruit bowl where your toaster usually is, then you'll be encouraged to eat more fruit.

I've got myself ready for a good week, I've having a small Asda order delivered this morning, don't need much, just fresh stuff, spent dead on the £40 I had to spend for free delivery!  I want to work through my freezer and get my pantry sorted, save a few quid between now and payday.  On the menu this week is, Beef Strogonoff and Vietnamese Beef, I can do both of them using the same piece of steak from the freezer, Smoked Haddock Kedgeree, spotted a piece of fish in the freezer too.  Yesterday we had fishcake, I'm putting my hands up to buying them from the Co-Op when I went for milk, but they were reduced to 69p from £2+ and they were lush, one of moms favs, plus my milk was marked down too - bonus.

The best news from yesterday was mom was able to walk with me and Alfie over the Co-Op, she's not really been walking anywhere since before Christmas when she felt down the last step of the stairs, jarred everything and banged her head on the telephone table!   Then to top it all off the doctor said her painful arm was a frozen shoulder, on a positive she says that's feeling better too.  Now is it or is she fibbing because she doesn't want to go to the physio next Monday - mmm you decide.

My week was okay, I haven't been a Super Weight Watcher, I haven't been the worst, I'll be happy with a stayed the same, I won't be surprised if I get a little gain.  I had a wonderful meal out Saturday, there's been chocolate involved in this last week - something I rarely eat - I had a bounty on Saturday, oh my days, they're lovely.  Then last week I was hormonal, ranty and an absolute emotional mess so anything could've happened over those days.  On a positive I didn't have any alcohol, tomorrow I'll be halfway through my sponsored Dry for Dementia challenge, I'm doing okay now, this weekend was much easier.

The danger of a bad week is taking it too seriously, most bad weeks have emotional reasons behind them.  Thankfully the fun emotions make it easier to walk into a meeting and say, "I've had a bad week, this'll be a gain", then smiling as we realise it was fun, it was worth it and we can get it on.  Flip that over to the bad emotions and well, you already feel rotten, whatever caused those miserable feelings may still be around and going and standing on a set of scales to face more misery or 'another failure' as you might see it, well you just can't face it can you.  The good news is you don't have to, no I'm not suggesting you miss your meeting because that's where you'll get motivated to get back on it, you can attend your meeting and tell your leader to put you through as a 'No Weigh-in' that way you get the rest of the meeting without the feeling at the scales if you really can't face them.  I would say though, remember they're just a square piece of metal that shouldn't be allowed to control your moods, most of you wouldn't let another person make you feel how you allow those damn scales to affect you, don't give them that power - they don't define you, they don't know the entire story.   They don't know what's going on in your world and to be fair, they don't care because they don't have feelings and emotions, they measure weight, nothing more - your leader and fellow members however, they get it, they understand, they've been where you are, heck some of them might be where you are right at this very moment and be glad to sit and listen to someone who's in the same place as them.  Ain't none of us got this sussed, we take it one day at a time and do what we can to be the healthiest and happiest we can possibly be on any given day, some days, it's not very much of either - that's okay.

Right here's to a cracking good day, it looks grim out there, but I'm going to see that grey day as silver because BeYOUtiful if you change the way you look at things - the things you look at change!

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