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Friday, 3 February 2017

Focusing on being Febulous!

3rd February 2017
The past is your lesson, the present is your gift.  The future is your motivation.

2 days in the bag, 26 to go - not that I'm counting!  Having said that, it must be in my mind as #FocusFeb #Dry4Dementia #Mywwjourney is going on everything I post.  Joking aside, so far so good, yesterday was a really long day as I'd woken up extra early and I honestly didn't consider wine because I've committed to do this challenge, I did have me a nice glass of Zero Lucozade Pink Lemonade, very nice too.

I was extra hungry yesterday too, ended on 41 Smart Points, shows how easy they are to use up!  I'm thinking No Count today as I have a delicious stew in the slow cooker and I plan to do something with the chicken that was delivered yesterday, I'll save the Thai veggie curry from my WW Smart Box for tomorrow afternoon.  Penn Butchers delivered me some Donor Kebab flavoured burgers yesterday, I couldn't resist having them for tea and I was not disappointed, I had them in a burger bun which cost me 5sp for the bun and 3sp for the burger, they would be delicious in a WW pitta bread (3sp) with loads of salad like you'd get from the chippy, proper tasty and saves all the hassle of making them yourself, only £1 each or 12 for a tenner too.  I love that he delivers, it makes my life less hassle, I'm already busy enough.
I also experimented with the Weight Watchers Jerk Marinade, coated my chicken meatballs with it, although it was a little warm for me, I did save points on the bap by removing some of the middle of the cob.

I'd already cooked the Mediterranean chilli tomato tagliatelle from my WW Smart Box, told you I was hungry!  
It's as if Alfie knows Thursday's are busy because he wanted to walk that little further yesterday, all good for the FitPoints thought I guess, almost 9000 steps fit in. 
My Time for a cuppa pack has arrived so today will be even busier as I spend some time working out what to do with it, I know our Tea Party will be at 10am on March 4th at United Reform Church, Old Fallings Lane, Wolverhampton WV10 8BH.  That's as far as I've got, I need to get people on board, I want bakers, donators, crafters to make things I can self, auction or raffle off.  I want anything or anyone who can help us raise lots and lots of money whilst we all have a good time of course, we have to enjoy it all along the way.  I've already got me a crochet expert onboard and together I think we've come up with something to make that everyone would like to own, especially if they're one of my members anyway!

If you have any ideas or can help in any way will you let me know, I don't want to be stood in a church hall alone with a lot of tea and cake.  I want it to be a huge success and raise lots and lots of money. 

I'm not properly awake yet, I woke up about an hour ago, I was dreaming that mom and I were eating a Sunday dinner outside a pub when I suddenly realised I'd left the slow cooker beef stew on all night, so woke up and ran downstairs to turn it off, it was okay, it hadn't burned!  Been on since about 2pm yesterday afternoon - DOH!

I'm going to go make me a well deserved cup of tea, it's my new best friend, I have almost drunk my first pint of water, I ate 3 pieces of fruit yesterday too - get me!  I also put the belated birthday bottle of my favourite wine out of sight that was given to me yesterday morning but ate the packet of Tomato snaps that was in the same bag.  I can do this, fake it till you make it.  Believe and you will achieve.  And all that stuff.  Joking aside, you are your thoughts, what you believe is how you will behave so I believe I'm going to nail this Dry for Dementia challenge and also have a hugely successful Tea Party, I do have the time to fit in all the organisation necessary!

Now let's make this month Febulous! Let's stay focused and be BeYOUtiful because we are more than capable of doing anything we put our mind to!

Visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/timeforacuppa to donate or you can text to donate by texting DRYF47 £1 to 70070 you can change that £1 to any amount, plus there's a collection tub in my meeting rooms. 

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