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Friday, 10 February 2017

Here's to a calmer day...

10th February 2017
Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.

So yesterday I went to bed having taken my life a little too seriously - also known as stressed!   I'm had a bit of a nightmare with technology all day which means extra work this morning, that I can live with because it's sortable, but then I got a phone call from the photographer from the Express and Star who'd already rescheduled once to cancel all together, I was gutted, it had taken so much time to sort out in the first place, time I don't really have, then to have it all fall through was very disappointing.  I woke up today after a really good long sleep and everything seems so much better, sleep makes my world well again, I've slept a good 8 or 9 hours, much better than the 2 and 3am starts I've been having this week.

Yeah here's me telling people not to take their jobs so seriously and allow them to get stressed by it and I've done exactly the same thing this week!  Practice what I preach ay, I think so. 

I've got up this morning and meditated, I haven't really done that this year, need to make it a habit again, get back into a routine - every day can wait 10 minutes for me to meditation.  It's a psychological thing, I instantly feel better knowing I've made everything and everyone wait ten minutes, whether the actual meditation does anything or not, whether it works, whether I can focus it really doesn't matter because knowing I've made the crazy, busy world wait another ten minutes makes me feel instantly better.  I recommend the Headspace app or similar to everyone.

Now I've reset my crazy button, I'm going to have a blooming good day, no ifs no buts just brilliant, I've decided, it really is that simple.  Whatever the universe throws at me today, I'll handle it with a smile on my face, I'll focus on the good.

I did smile yesterday though when mom came walking upstairs saying "you're never gonna believe what's just happened!"  It turned out the big ginger cat (not ours) was in the kitchen, happily chomping away on a chicken meatloaf that hadn't long come out of the oven, he'd dragged it of the stove - so funny.   The black and white cat I feed has happily munched away on the rest this morning, he thinks it's his birthday.

See none of these 'dramas' are really important, none of it matters, I usually ask myself if any of this will even be remembered 12 months from now, let alone matter and if the answer is nope, then it's time to smile and let it go.

If you're feeling a little or a lot stressed, ask yourself that question, ask yourself if it's helping your situation, if the answers nope, then ask yourself what would help you calm down and handle the situation.  For me right now, it's a big mug of tea before I even attempt to sort yesterdays tech issues, a good breakfast so I have plenty of energy to handle my day and another early night tonight.

Short one today, here's to a healthy and happy short day ahead BeYOUtiful. xx

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