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Thursday, 16 February 2017

No Count - No Hungry!

16th February 2017
Stick with the people who pull the magic out of you and not the madness!

You'd never know that I was losing weight by the food I ate yesterday would you;

I decided when I got out of bed I was going to do No Count - because some mornings you wake up hungry & the plate just isn't big enough!  I nipped over the Co-op for surplies and make myself a big breakfast of eggy crumpets, bacon medallions, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and a fried egg - it was so good and kept me going for hours.  

When it was finally lunch time, I wasn't really that hungry as I'd had my breakfast later than usual, so I opted for a light lunch, I wasn't going to skip a meal!  Actifry chip butty, gotta be done, instead of ketchup I put a bit of tomato puree on mine with a bit of WW spread, mom had some lighter than light mayo (1tsbp is zero Smart Points) and we both had a big mug of tea.

I spent half hour in the kitchen cooking ready for when I got home from my meeting on the night, I'd defrosted a bag of beef mince, I was going to make a spag bol but instead it turned to a No Count cupboard clear out (beef mince, leftover baked beans and tin toms from breakfast, froze sweet corn & peas and some carrots and onions that weren't going to survive another day, cooked together in a big frying pan and finished off with some oxo, absolutely spot on it was.

I split it between two dishes one I topped with mustard mash, so that's a meal ready for today and the other I had some on a jacket potato for my tea.  That hadn't been my plan but I got back later than usual, I was having it with spaghetti but I didn't want to wait 12 minutes for that to cook, 5 minutes for a jacket seemed quicker.  Turned out I had the microwave set to defrost so I had to put it on for another 5 minutes after realising - so I may as well waited for the spaghetti to cook!  Hey ho, I got fed. 
I even had myself a Galaxy ripple, 9sp, it's been in my bag since Saturday, it was lovely and because I'm not drinking wine, I had spare weekly Smart Points and fit points to play with.   

It's a good plan when you know how it works that choice of sticking with a daily allowance of eating from a food list, best of both worlds really.  Then add to that being encouraged to move a little more to get yourself even more points to spend!  What's not to love.

Now what to have today?  I've defrosted a piece of steak, so that's got to be my tea tonight after my meeting for sure.  Breakfast I'm thinking bacon medallion and egg sarnies.  Just got to decide on lunch, I've got that mince thing with mash, yeah that with some cabbage, that'll fill the gap for sure.  That's today sorted, I'm aware it's an overload of beef but I'll balance it out with some fish tomorrow, might make home made fishfingers tomorrow.  Or mmm I'm thinking the fishfingers today and the mince mash thing tomorrow, balance it out, plus I won't need to cook tomorrow then!  We shall see, but fish fingers and chips is sounding like a plan.

First though, I need a big mug of tea and breakfast, one meal at a time! 

Here's to a healthy and happy day BeYOUtiful, mines going to be a very busy day but it's all good because life is good even when I'm raging (like I was yesterday!) 

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