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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Today I shall mostly be pulling faces!

23rd February 2017

The six best doctors: sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.

Yesterday's eating didn't turn out great, my bestie couldn't make lunch and I got consumed by work instead so ended up with a sandwich for lunch, breakfast had already been a corned beef and cheese toastie and dinner ended up being home made pizza things using the last of the Warburton toastie pockets, I won't buy them again, I wasn't impressed.  All in all, way too much bread was eaten yesterday, so none will be consumed today at all.

There was also cake!  Oh yeah, I found this lovely looking cake in the cupboard I'd bought for mom and it looked tasty as, so I weighed a piece, gave that to mom because it was silly points, then cut a smaller piece and had me a slice.  It turned out it wasn't as good a cake as I was hoping to eat, so I wasn't tempted to have more. 

What a grim day yesterday was, the weather was bleak round here, real grey and wet and drab, Alfie and I still walked in it though, once we were out in it, it actually didn't seem so bad.  A bit like life, it's not so bad once you get out there and get on with it, it's too easy to sit and over think stuff and let that stuff get you down.

There seems to be a lot of people out there right now feeling low, I personally think it has a lot to do with the time of year, we're all screaming for sunshine.  The truth is we can't do anything about the weather but we can do something about our behaviour, here are some things we know for sure;

- Weight loss success doesn't come easy otherwise everyone would be slim.

- Life's not easy - but it's not easy for anyone.

- you have a choice in how you react to your problems and your weight loss journey!

It's all about how you choose to look at things, Two men looked out from their prison bars, one saw the mud, the other saw stars.  You can focus on your problems or you can focus on your blessings.  You can accept all that's wrong in your life and wallow or you can focus on making changes.  You can focus on your imperfections or you can embrace your qualities.  One of those choices will make you happier than the other.


It's important to know what you want too, also why do you want it.  What does your best version of you look like?  What is your best life?  What?  What would you change about the life you have right now?


If you were to lose all the weight you're so desperate to lose, what would actually change, not the things you think will change, it's important to realise weight loss doesn't make everything better.   Also sometimes when you're so focused on the weight loss journey, you can block out other stuff on the way, then suddenly you're there at goal and guess what, it's not all better.  The reasons why you were emotionally eating in the first place are still there, you've just managed to block them out for the months you've been putting all your attention on your weight loss journey! 


Losing weight is a truly emotional journey for most, it isn't just about eating less if it's done properly, it's about working on yourself holistically - your mind, body and soul.


I shared a photo with my members yesterday in my group, I asked them what they saw when they looked at this picture of me;


Either they were all being polite or they genuinely didn't look at that photo and see an overweight women who needs her hair cutting or at least sorting out and who's got a bit of a double chin going on (I'd like to say it's a bad angle but at the moment it isn't there really is a bit of a double chin going on) .   A middle aged woman who's lost the waist she's always had, it suddenly run off when she hit her 40's!  I could go on but I won't because that's not why I see anymore either.  I wouldn't have posted that photo in my early 30's, I would have told a friend to delete it if they'd posted it too because of those reasons above.  Now I don't mind, it's me, it's the me everyone see's on a day to day basis, I'm pulling one of my faces that I pull all the time, cos I'm a face puller!   


When they were telling me what they saw, none of the replies were about my appearance funnily enough, actually there was mention of my smile, the replies were more about my personality, the type of person they saw me as.  It's interesting, we're all striving to look a certain way and as long as that's for the right reasons, it's all good but just know it's not why people love you and it won't solve some of the problems you have in your life.


It will get you healthier, give you more energy, make it easier to get around, these are good reasons, those things can make you happier of course. 


Yeah this weight loss lark is an interesting subject and when done for the right reasons and in the right way, it'll be one of the best journey's you'll ever take.  Use the journey to get to know yourself, to learn to like you, to find out who you really are and to accept yourself unconditionally because BeYOUtiful - you are good enough already xx


Oh and just for the record - my life isn't all sweetness and light, I have crap days, my mood can switch by the hour (heck by the minute), I have days where I just wanna shout at everyone to go away and sit alone in a room, yep I do, I just don't let them days win - I remind myself I felt okay the day before and this feeling will pass, then I purposely start to look for the good stuff in my life, sometimes that takes a bit long so I go on Pinterest and look for happy, positive quotes :)  

Let's work on being the best versions of ourselves - healthy and happy all the way!



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