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Thursday, 9 February 2017

I just love food!

9th February 2017
We only go around once. There's really no time to be afraid. So stop. Try something you've never tried. Teach it. Do it. Risk it. - Jon Blais


I had an absolutely delicious lunch yesterday, I used a simply cook Vietnamese kit and instead of pork, used chicken and it was tasty, add to it that I had my bestie there to have a chat too and all in my world was good. 


It made me think of the members who said, "I just love food" last week, I can totally relate to that!  It's an interesting statement for sure, not on the surface, when you hear it, you just think, yeah me too.  I've come to realise over the years though, it's not the food we concentrate on when eating that causes the weight gains, I mean, if you loved food, you'd be paying attention to it whilst you eat wouldn't you? You'd be giving it your complete, undivided attention, sitting and savouring every last mouthful.  Usually it's the food we rush, the food we don't even notice we're eating that's causing our gains and that behaviour is never done with love!  If you're stuffing your face in that way, there's usually an emotional reason for it, so start to look at that, start to ask yourself "WHY?", why do you need to eat that food, now, in this instant, why can it not go on your to eat list for tomorrow or the next day and why does it have to be that specific food, what are you getting from it?  There's always a pay off and trust me it's rarely just because it tastes nice.


We're all just big kids really, and our extra weight really isn't just a byproduct of loving food, yes it's normal to love food, it's okay to be passionate about food, and it's normal to want to taste new things and cook different recipes. But that doesn't make it a good excuse for overeating, so next time you hear yourself say or think the words "I just love food," you can be pretty certain that there is a childlike part of yourself at work. This is perfectly normal by the way, nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. - we all have childlike parts of ourselves. It's a childlike part because the child wants to keep tasting the food despite the long-term effects. They can't understand what will happen if they live on pizza alone or eat six chocolate bars a day. Therefore, it's the parents' responsibility to put guidelines on what their children eat. In the same way, we need to tell the childlike part of ourselves that just because we love the taste of something doesn't mean we can eat so much of it or eat it every single day.  In other words - have a word with yourself!


Start to put these limitations on yourself and you'll feel more in charge, you will lose the weight, and you will actually come to love food even more as you respect how special it really is. 


I know it's difficult! I know, I know, I know, you don't have to tell me, I also know a lot of our behaviours are down to habit, the more you manage to behave in a different way, the easier it gets.  I'm starting day 9 of no alcohol and other than having a giggle in my meetings telling members it's not an easy task, it never even crossed my mind when I got home last night, nor Tuesday, it's getting easier as the days go on.  Yes I love the taste of a glass of wine, but I love the taste of a piece of steak, I don't feel the need to have one of those every day! 


I cleared out the mug cupboard by the way, going to chip away at the de-cluttering and clearing up a bit at a time, 15 minutes here and there should do it, the less stuff there is in your house, the easier it will be to keep tidy - surely that's right - I do hope so anyway because I need 'easier' for a lot of things.


The last couple of days have been hormonal hell, I think I've come out the other side, I went to bed in a better mood anyway so let's hope so.


Here's to a good day, focusing on the healthy and happy, we've got this BeYOUtiful. xx

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