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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I'm dead good I am :)

7th February 2017
Avoid negative people, they have a problem for every solution!
Good day yesterday, we went for an interview to try and get mom a disability blue badge, it's looking promising and the lady suggested we consider a wheelchair so that when we are out for the day, we can cover more ground, I might look into hiring one first to see how she feels, but I love the idea, think of the Fit Points I'll earn and the fun we could have shouting, "Beep, Beep!" as we run round ;)

We celebrated by having a trip to Pizza Hut (moms request, makes a change from a cake shop), we had the buffet, she proceed to eat 2 very small slices, then request pudding as pizza wasn't really doing it for her.  I was surprised at myself, I managed 6 slices (they are small might I add), plus I left the crusts too, didn't want to fill up on the dough bit - I remember the days when I could honestly eat an 18in pizza with all the trimmings no problem at all! Yesterday I struggled to finish 1/2 of a 12 inch and left the crusts!  I would've had a bit of garlic bread with that 18in too, just goes to show you can change your eating habits. 

On the way home my petrol light showed red, so we stopped at Sainsbury's to fill up.  On Saturday I'd driven to Cannock Sainsbury's to spend £40 to get 12p off per litre, I didn't have the time but the coupon was an instore only coupon and it was expiring that day.  I didn't fill up on Saturday because there was a massive queue, the price is usually more expensive at the Cannock branch and I needed to get home for mom.  I filled the car to the brim, then couldn't find the damn ticket, DOH, what am I like.  I was about to get wound up but instead we ranted in a jokey way because let's be honest how much would I have saved, a fiver max, that's really not worth getting angry about is it.  Maybe I'll start ignoring these coupons, I have one in front of me that is £6 off if I spend £40 or more but again instore, I took out a delivery pass for a reason and it wasn't so I could go to the shop when I don't have time.

I needed milk too but they didn't have skimmed in their petrol station so I popped into the Tesco express just before I got home, I noticed cartons of the best of both milk people have told me about and checked the labels, both 200ml skimmed milk and 200ml of Arla B.O.B. is 3sp but when you look at the nutritional info the calories and protein are slightly higher with BOB, fat and sugar slightly lower, it does taste more like semi skimmed milk though for same points as skimmed, so worth a try and it's on offer in Tesco £1 for 2 litres.

Another good day on the charity from, I'm starting to sell tickets for our Time for a Cuppa Tea Party raffle today, the prizes we have been donated so far are;

6 bottles of wine
Bottle of whisky & miniature set
Cut & blow dry at 'Love is in the Hair' (Bloxwich Hgh Street)
£20 voucher for Potsy Pamsy paint a pot studio (at the Hollybush garden centre)
Happy Owl hamper
WW friendly Hamper
Pamper Hamper
Bouquet of flowers 
Voucher for any wall sticker at www.stick-em-up.co.uk

Then last night, one of my BeYOUtiful members said she can get me tickets to the Walsall v Port Vale match and a signed autographed football, I sold them within the hour for £70, I think she might be getting me a second pair and it looks like I already have a buyer, if not, I'm thinking another little raffle.   My sponsor money is now at £1063.78 on my justgiving page too. 

How fab is that, I'm good at this fundraising lark ain't I, as I was putting together a bit of gumph to contact the papers, I started to realise how much money I've raised over the years, it's been a lot, I don't know how much in total but I'd guess at around the £50k mark but I've never kept a track to be honest, it's just something I do because I can.

On Saturday the day after my award, I was having the banter with my helpers and I kept jokingly saying "Have I mentioned I'm brilliant?", they groaned, I chuckled and we played up to it for a while.  You know what though, how often do we as individuals big ourselves up?   I've just won the most prestigious award I can possibly win in my role as a WW Coach, why shouldn't I be proud of myself and say 'YAY, I'm awesome!'  I didn't want to approach the press myself because I thought I was being conceited, we don't praise ourselves because we've usually been brought up to believe that's big headed, is it?  I don't think so, if you keep bashing on about how amazing you are, continually, then yeah, that's heading toward conceited but appreciating your worth, knowing what you're good at, feeling proud of yourself, that's absolutely okay.   Just take a moment to acknowledge the things you do that make you absolutely fabulous.

It's the same with accepting praise or compliments, why do we have trouble with that?  Having low self esteem makes it hard to accept compliments, we can work on it though.  As for praise, well humility is a virtue, but self-abasement - manifested in our refusal to accept praise - is not humility.  Accept that praise, take those compliments, remind yourself we think you're awesome, even if you've not realised it yet.  

Let's start accepting those compliments, the next time someone says "you're dress is lovely", don't reply with "oh this, it was only cheap", the next time someone praises you for doing something well, say "thank you" and realise you earned that praise.

Today as well as focusing on the healthy and happy, let's all go out there and be amazing!  We already are of course, let's just acknowledge it BeYOUtiful. Xx

OH and I lost 3lb this week, this not drinking lark is helping on the scales - YAY, go me :)

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