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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Losing weight did make him happy!

26th February 2017

I've got my mom a mother's day gift and don't wanna wait to give it her - so today might just be Sentimental Sunday! Why wait for smiles!

Finding reasons to smile is always a priority for me and that's why I really do have the best job in the world because I get to see so many of them at the scales, yeah I do get to see tears too but I focus on the positives in my world and losing weight does make people smile!  I know I said yesterday it didn't make me happy but it did make me happier than I had been and it made me realise I could do anything I set my mind too, which is why I walked away from the job I was in at the time.  It also gives others confidence to do things.

Of course weight loss can completely change your life and seeing that happen is just wonderful to witness, the first person that always springs to mind when I think of life changing weight loss is our Dave, everyone at my Wednesday night meeting thinks of him as ours because he's such a big part of our group, the same in my online Facebook group, we all share his successes and we've been there whilst he's gone through illness and watched him thankfully return to good health.  I swear if you were to cut him like a stick of rock, he'd have Weight Watchers written through and through because he will be the first to tell you, "Weight Watchers saved my life", and having lost almost 100lb you only have to look at his photos to see how!

Dave has told me that the doctors told him back in 2014 if he didn't have operation on his neck and lose weight he may not be here in ten years, thankfully his brother (also one of my awesome gold members) encouraged him to join weight watchers with my group, Dave admits "I was embarrassed when I joined because of my size, but the leader soon put me on the right track and thanks to her motivation & leadership I soon started to enjoy this journey . So glad I did now 2 years down the line I am at gold weight, health improved drastically the leader and group support been fantastic.  I now feel a totally different person healthy eating certainly changed my life around."

To know I had something to do with making Dave get to where he is now makes me smile massively, one of my highlights at work was seeing him walk into my meeting with his tshirt on saying "I lost 65lbs with Bev's Weight Watchers" It's more now of course, we'll have to get him a new tshirt ;)

Yeah losing weight really can help towards a massive happy, it may not solve everything but sometimes it can save your life and that means you'll still be here to make any other changes in your life. 

Being healthy and happy is ultimately the best goal you can aim for I guess!  Would you agree?

You may not feel unhealthy right now but failing to treat your body with the respect it deserves I think you can safely say at some point is going to lead you in that direction, so why risk it. 

Today I'm going to cook myself a delicious healthy meal to thank my body for getting through yet another week, yesterday I let both my mind and body relax and rest once I'd finished my morning meeting, I had a divine massage followed by quality chair time with mom!  Today it needs to be walked so Alfie can help me do that I reckon.  Then I'm going to have a browse through my Scentsy catalogue because my car smells so clean and fresh, I'm thinking in my house smells the same no one will notice the mess https://lynnewyatt.scentsy.co.uk/ plus my bestie has become a consultant so I want to support her in her new venture (that's my excuse for spending my pay day money anyways).   I do love oils and I know how good they are from my weekly massage to be able to have a diffuser in my office or bedroom well that can only be a good thing can't it! 

Right I'm off to make a cuppa, do the washing up and tidy the kitchen (boo to domesticity) but I'm seeing it as part of my self-care routine, it makes it a little less painful!

Here's to a great day BeYOUtiful, take care of you.

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