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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Why does the universe wake me up at 2am! WHY!

8th February 2017
Today you have the power to change your story...

Well it ain't true you sleep better if you don't drink, I've been wide awake since 2am!  Mmm what to talk about? 

My pretty bracelet arrived yesterday, we had a right game putting it on me, I'm just not good at this being a girl thing at all!   I'm stuck with it on now because it's such a palaver getting it off and on - it does make me smile when I look down and see it though, reminds me I'm making a difference and that's all I've ever wanted to do.

My brain let me down yesterday, it was trying to do too much at once and I ended up making a mistake at which I'll have to rectify this morning.  Note to self - there is only one of you and you can only do so much, pace yourself!  On a good note I did get a family day ticket to Weston Park to add to my Dementia Tea Party raffle, so that's a bonus, plus I got the local newspaper to agree to come on Friday to take photos to share my news of my award, there's still chance they might cancel if there's other news but hopefully they'll be there.

This week, amongst other things we're talking about decluttering - that might be your house, it could be your mind, it's whatever is causing you stress and interfering with your weight loss success.  Mine is my house mostly I think, so this morning, I'm going to sort my utility room, we can barely get through it to get out the back door, it's only small (it used to be the kitchen but I couldn't handle a kitchen that small, so we changed our second living room into a kitchen) and it's full of stuff.  So today I'm going to sort and organise that stuff.  That's my bit of decluttering of my house for today, I will do it after I've sorted out the mess I made yesterday on the WW system! 

It's a good job I'm up early the internet is going so slowly that it could take me three times as long to do anything this morning!  I think I'll go set reset button, who feels like they need a reset button for themselves this morning?  If you had one would you press it?  Why?  What difference would it make to your life if you were to press the reset button?

What do you want to change?

Not what do you want to lose?

I think we get so caught up with wanting to lose weight, focus on those scales and those numbers that we miss out on the why?  What's in it for us!  If you lose a stone, two stone, three stone, however much, what difference will it really make?  And what do you want to change to make that happen.

I want to.....

Mmm what do I want to, it's easy to start writing stuff, but if you don't actually mean it and you're just going through the motions, saying what you always say or what you think you should say or want or feel, then you're not being true to yourself and that's what's really important.

So what do I want to change, honestly I'd really like to be tidier, more organised around my house.  I really don't enjoy getting up to chaos, to never being about to find things, it doesn't make my life easier and if I'm truly honest, an easier life is what I really do want.

Unfortunately I go about it in the same fashion as most people go about getting weight loss - rushed, haphazard and urgent.  Instead of doing a little bit at a time, breaking it down and making small changes, creating new routines and habits, I go at it like a bull at a gate, I spend the entire day blitzing, then by the end of the day, I'm satisfied with the results but I'm shattered and aware that I can't do that every day.  I could however decide to take half hour each day and work my way through it all slowly, whilst at the same time creating new routines and changing those habits, replacing the bad ones with better ones, so instead of sticking the dirty mugs on the side in the kitchen, washing them up straight away and reusing them, so the next morning I don't wake up to dozens of dirty cups.  Actually that's today's task, I'm going to get rid of all the mugs in the cupboard that we don't need and just keep enough for us and visitors - now house needs 30 mugs!

One of my members told us last night that if she gets a bag full of stuff (like we're prone too in our house) she sticks a post it note on it, if it's still there a month later and she hasn't used it, she gets rid and it goes to the charity shop.  Brutal, but I've gotta say, brave, it actually gives me a knot in my stomach just to think about it, but then so did the other members story, she apparently has a spare room full of stuff in bags like that, which instead of getting rid of, they've all been piled up and now she's too overwhelmed to even walk in the door.  Mmm, post it note on a bag sounds good all of a sudden.

Here's to pressing whatever button you need to press, to not going at it like a bull at a gate, to tweaking, go slowly, go gently, get resets permanently.  Doesn't that sound like a better plan in a world where we're already too busy trying to fit everything in?

Now, to go decide what to make my bestie for her lunch, it's all go ain't it :)

Have a BeYOUtiful day, focus on the healthy & happy, stop and take a moment to enjoy life a little more xx

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