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Thursday, 2 February 2017

I know the best kind of people...

2nd February 2017
If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.
Just incredible people are, my fundraising is going amazingly, I posted on my Facebook page yesterday morning that I was £29 shy of getting £500 in 24 hours, not only did I get that £29 we then proceeded to do £100 in an hour - WOW, how fantastic is that, just brilliant.  I've just had a sneaky peak and we're at an unbelievable £758 in less than 24 hours, plus the money that's been put in the meeting room collection tub, who knew people wanted me sober so much :)  Joking aside I'm absolutely thrilled and it looks like I could hit £1,000 just from my Dry for Dementia month, without adding the Time for a Cuppa tea party on March 4th.  People are so incredibly kind and generous, and I'm blessed to know these people!

Right so back to the more serious stuff, I made it through the first day!  I also did it only using 30 Smart Points, earned 8 Fit Points on my fitbit, that could've been more but Alfie is getting a right lazy lump and didn't want to walk too far, then I got carried away on my computer doing work stuff, it's a good start though.  We went to bed just after 9 and I've been up since just before 4am, there's always one day of the month when I wake up ridiculously early and this appears to be it.

Last night was awesome with 105.5lb lost on the scales!  The total for January in my meetings was 156 stone, how fabulous is that. I'm going to be adding to my leaders total this month as I lose weight whilst going dry, yep I'm having the best month, going to stay focused and stick to the Smart Points plan.  This is a really good time to give myself a great kick start. I reckon I could aim for a goal of 1/2 stone over the month, don't you! 

Need to get back to planning a bit more though if I'm going to have that success.   
Yesterday I received my food box from www.wwsmartkitchen.co.uk I ordered the veggie one to try something different and the first recipe I tried was open mushroom burger, very nice it was too, I didn't have the curly fries as I'd had potato for breakfast and fancied the garlic bread that was left in the fridge, plus the recipe box I had delivered is to serve 4 but mom and I shared the mushrooms between us so we didn't need the fries.   

Very tasty they were too!   It really does help that you get one box with all the ingredients in that you're going to need, plus there's 25% off your first order if you use the code 25OFF at the checkout.

Today I'm thinking of marinating the meatballs that I had from Penn Butchers (got me another order of stuff coming tonight too, I like that he delivers) with a packet of the Weight Watchers Spicy Jerk Marinade, it's only 1sp per serving and the meatballs are only 2sp per serving - bonus!  I've still two meals in my veggie box, Creamy Thai Vegetable curry(10sp) and Mediterranean chill tomato tagliatelle (7sp) but I get to eat 3 meals today!  I'm gonna have the tagliatelle for lunch, then the meatballs might go in the slow cooker when I go out this afternoon then when I get home tonight they'll be cooked and ready to serve on a bed of rice - nice.  Now to decide on breakfast...  I've had a new egg maker but not had chance to read the instructions yet, so that won't be happening this morning!

Here's to a great day, day 2 of Dry for Dementia, day 2 of focusing in February, 4 weeks for me to notice a difference.  I hope you're with me BeYOUtiful, let's focus on the healthy and happy, it may be raining out there but it's warm indoors.  Have a great day, let's make Thursday TREMENDOUS!

Visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/timeforacuppa to donate or you can text to donate by texting DRYF47 £1 to 70070 you can change that £1 to any amount, plus there's a collection tub in my meeting rooms.  

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