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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Shine on you crazy diamond!

19th January 2017
Things will usually be tough before they are brilliant.  Ask any diamond!

WOW, what a fab night last night was, amazing weight losses, 130lb thereabouts, some wonderful tales at the scales of how not only had they lost but they'd still enjoyed living - that's most important.  Then just as I'm doing my talk, I turn and there's stood my boss!  She'd come to present me with my Diamond Leader award, I'm now a quadruple diamond leader :) how good is that - I'm so chuffed, what a fantastic birthday present, 47 today I am, where have those years gone.

I have to say, I'm only able to get that award because of all my amazing helpers, they make it all possible, I couldn't do the meetings I do, make them run as smooth as they do, if I didn't have the best meeting teams out there, I'm always aware and grateful of how hard they all work and how much they help me.  Plus of course my BeYOUtiful members, a meeting without members, well, it's just an empty room with me talking to myself and that's not much fun.  My meetings are where the magic happens, I watch friendships form, members change, I watch the healthy and happy come out in people and it's just tremendous to be part of those journeys.

I'm just sat here typing with a bloomin big beaming smile on my face, in case you would like to watch the moment it happened, here's to video https://www.facebook.com/gerry.lancaster.14/videos/361711664209834/?pnref=story

I'm a very happy lady!

So bad to real life ;) I managed to track yesterday, even my celebratory glass of wine last night, I was looking through my journal yesterday and it was asking me "looking back at my best week - what worked well?"  After thinking about it, I realised it was doing my walk for 15 minutes, turn round and come home each day, it made a difference.  It not only got me out for half hour, it helped relax me because I was listening to my audio books and it had a rollover effect on my eating which resulted in losses at the scales.  I decided to get back to it, so after going to the dentist yesterday I went to collect my fitbit and return it to my hip where it's been missing for a few days.  I actually arrived at the dentist early, instead of going in a waiting I went for a 15/20 minute walk, walked out for 10 minutes turned round, walked back before going in to have a huge needle and a replacement filling! OUCH!  Someone wants to tell my dentist the true definition of 'a little scratch'.

Today I have my menu under control, it needs to be simple because it's Thursday and I've got 5 meetings, so we're having hotdogs and onions mmm, nom nom.  I'll be using frozen onions to save me chopping, open a tin of hotdogs, slice a roll - dinner done.  I'll probably have soup for my tea for quickness and to keep the rest of the day lower in points so I can of course celebrate my birthday after work with a glass of goodness.

I'm off, I can't really think of anything to say today, I'm smiling too much to think, gonna go make me a cuppa instead.  Have a BeYOUtiful day xx

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