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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Are you living or surviving?

24th January 2017
Your diet is a bank account.  Good food choices are good investments.

How have you enjoyed your life this week, what has made you smile?  Are you out there living or are you existing?  Your weight shouldn't be holding you back from having a good time and your weight loss journey shouldn't be stopping you from living at the same time.  We should all be LIVING AND LOSING, not just SURVIVING and EATING!  I posted in my area group yesterday the following;

We're all different and it's important to find your way to succeed! Whether you need portion control or the freedom to choose how much you eat without counting, maybe you want to be able to eat what you fancy or do you prefer a list of foods to choose from. Whatever your needs, Weight Watchers has a solution! Because there isn't one answer - we're all individual with our own needs. Find yourself a meeting, get yourself a coach and realise you can lose weight, feel great & live whilst losing! Say YES, find a local meeting at www.weightwatcherslocal.co.uk

I truly believe that, there is no one size fits all, we all look different, we all have different personalities, different lifestyles and it really is important that you find YOUR WAY, make your 'diet' work for you, by diet I mean the foods you choose to eat rather than the hardly eat anything and be miserable description of diet it's interpreted as these day!

I know that the Weight Watchers healthy eating plan is designed for members to lose up to 2lb a week, I'm in no rush so I'm happy to eat every Fit Point I can earn and maybe a couple more and lose it at 1/2lb a week, I'm in no rush, I love my food so I'm happy to take the slower route.

Everyone seems so busy too, that doesn't always help as it makes healthy eating and moving more as something else that needs to be done, another thing added to the 'to do' list, which is a real shame because taking care of ourselves should be something we really want to do.

I didn't really fancy cooking a recipe yesterday but I still wanted to eat good food, so we went down the simple food route, I had a potato cake for breakfast using the leftover mash from the day before, served with crispy bacon, mushrooms and a runny egg - mmm!  For lunch we had an egg and cress sandwich, now they sent me the 800g loaf instead of my usual 400g, it would've been so easy to have 2 slices (twice as many Smart Points) but instead mom and I shared a big sandwich, we also shared a bag of Walkers cheese and onion crisps, I had cucumber and tomatoes with it too fill the plate, doing this halved the Smart Points to 7 instead of 14 and I genuinely wasn't hungry for hours, proof we can decide our own portion sizes and live on less!

For tea I fried up some more of the mash (4sp) (I really need to cook less in the first place, but they were going soft so I wanted to use them up) and mixed it with a couple of slices of Asdas Corned Beef (3sp), turned it into a corned beef hash thing, it was lush with a few peas and a blob of brown sauce.  All simple, easy to cook meals that took no time at all, all healthy and balanced and thanks to Weight Watchers no guilt at eating a bit of what I fancied, it's all okay, there are no good or bad foods, food doesn't have a personality, it's all about balance.

If you've joined Weight Watchers, decided you wanted or needed to lose weight, remind yourself of those reasons, not just for joining, but for still wanting to lose weight or maintain your weight loss. 

Next, think about what you'd like to achieve this year, remember weight loss is more than just a number and living is more than just going to work, eating and sleeping!  

Let's put the living back in our lives BeYOUtiful!

Help make me smile more this week by letting me know via Facebook how you're living and losing, tag me or Bev's Weight Watchers in the post, let's spread the WW love xx

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