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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Had a smashing hot day!

12th January 2016
Focus on making days that you fall in love with being alive
What a day I had yesterday, anyone who's seen the video knows I had a smashing time, I did a live cooking demo for my members in our closed Weight Watchers group and it was all going great until this happened :)  https://www.facebook.com/bevww/posts/10154647269395862
It was all sorted and I went back and finished the demo, and can I say the food was delicious. 

I made the rogan josh recipe card that's free in meetings this week, my bestie liked it a lot, I did put an extra spoon of paste into it to add a little more flavour.  I also made cauliflower rice which was delicious and I'll be doing again now I've found a way I like doing it.  I blitzed the cauliflower in my food processor till it looked like rice, next I diced an onion finely, added 1tbsp of oil to the pan and added onion and a spoonful of garlic paste and fried them for about 5 minutes till they were looking cooked, then I added the rice and mixed together cooking through until it tasted cooked, I covered in a lid too so it steamed a little from the top.  I think this would be lovely with other ingredients thrown in to make a fried rice, maybe use sesame oil - very tasty.
The other recipe I made was the bacon and cabbage pasta, page 142 of the new Healthy You cookbook, that was really tasty, my favourite of the two recipes, I ate it for lunch and dinner, I know it's really good when I'm happy to eat it twice.

Last night was an incredible night, a staggering 192lb weight loss at Ashmore Park last night - how fabulous is that, shows folk are ready to get their healthy on in 2017! Bless Chris the tea lady, she achieved her 50lb certificate, absolutely wonderful to see the smile on her face. 

I'm crazy busy as you can imagine, I'm still cooking healthy meals though, I do however need to get a little more control, there were a few chocolates last night, mom offered them me and I struggle with that 'NO' word!  I'm getting back into it, I can do this - I'm doing this for me (note to self).

I'll be happy with the weight to come of really slowly as long as it's not going up, I'm in no rush, I'm not going anywhere - hopefully!  I like eating too much to rush ;)

I'm hoping to have the time to make toad in the hole, the recipe Toad & gravy, page 18 of the free Smart Start we're handing out this month in meetings.  It looks so good and one of my members posted her photo when she made it and it looked amazing, I need some of that in my life with mash and veggies, mmmm, nice.  See I'm not going to lose weight quick when I could eat that at 5am!

Okay, Thursday let's have ya, 5 meetings with my Bloxwich Babes and Beaus, giggles galore I'm sure, let's get our healthy on and own this day.  You up for that BeYOUtiful?

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