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Monday, 16 January 2017

Good Mood Monday for me...

16th January 2017
Your past is just a story & once you realise this, it has no power over you.
Just turned the radio on to be told it's blue Monday, supposedly the 'most depressing day of the year' WHATEVER!  A big load of rubbish put together to help a travel company sell holidays!  We all know it's more likely to be the day before you get paid this month, that moment you stop and think YAY, I finally get paid tomorrow, then realise even when you do, none of it is going to be left because you spend way too much on Christmas ;0)  oops, let's just accept January is a month of skintness and embrace the stuff that don't cost anything to do, like chilling with a good book, going for a walk, enjoying a long soak in the bath, playing board games (which reminds me we haven't played tipping point yet, must get that out and force mom to play!), snuggling up in front of the tv with your family (mom and I enjoyed Batman v Superman yesterday - who knew we'd turn into superhero fans) and not forgetting catching up on sleep with a good early night.  Yeah let's enjoy the calmness of the month, remind ourselves we can live on less and still enjoy life.

Sticking with the skint theme, I decided to make use of all the leftovers in the kitchen yesterday, I'll make the lasagne today now.  I had 3 stale seeded flatbreads (9sp), 5 slices stale bread (8sp) and the leftover chicken meatballs (3sp) from the recipe I'd done the day before and wasn't impressed with it.  I whizzed the flatbreads up in my food processor, it wouldn't turn them to breadcrumbs that's how hard they were!  So I put them in a ovenproof dish, torn up like this;
 Next I crumbled up the leftover meat balls and put them on top;

I fried some onions and mushrooms (if you had raw chicken mince you would fry it with the onions at this point), I then stirred a few handfuls of spinach through the cooked mixture, then added it all to the ovenproof dish. I also had some fresh sage so I'd shredded a couple of leaves into the mixture.

I found a tin of Weight Watchers chicken soup (3sp) and poured that over everything in the dish, mixing it together. 
At this point I remembered I had some ham (5sp) leftover in the fridge also, so I cubed that and fried it for a few minutes before adding it to the ovenproof dish.
 I then blitzed the slice of brown bread up into breadcrumbs, and added 90g of Weight Watchers grated cheese (5sp) (it's on offer in Sainsbury's).

Next I added some herbs, I think it was a bit of thyme, oregano, rosemary and some chives - you could use anything. Mix it all together and sprinkle on the top of the dish.  

 It came out of the oven, 30 minutes or so later looking like my kind of food.  I served it with Butternut squaffles and I will definitely be buying them again, they're amazing!

The whole dish came to 33sp, there was easily 5-6 portions in there depending on the appetites of the people eating, I had about a 1/5th of it for my main meal, well worth 7sp, so tasty and filling.  I always end up with leftover pittas and bread because I don't want to eat them all and I forget to freeze them, so this is a great way for me to use them up.  

For tea I had about 1/6 of it, 6sp with leftover beans from the fridge 3sp and a dry fried egg (2sp) blooming lush! 
I've got my meals sorted for the next few days, and I've inputted a couple of recipe ingredients into my shopping basket on the Sainsbury's app ready for when I have my next delivery, probably Wednesday now as I have enough food to keep us going till then.  It really is helping doing my shop online, I'm definitely saving money and thinking about what we actually need, rather than just rocking up at a supermarket and mindlessly throwing food in the basket.  If I don't see it on the shelf, I can't be tempted, yep I'm hoping this is going to help with the healthy, temptation not so easy online. 

Right I'm off for my morning cuppa, think about what might help you with the healthy this week?  I'm going to also go get me a pear and maybe an apple, start my day with fruit and a yogurt today as I did yesterday, I really enjoyed it too.  If we don't make changes, we'll stay the same!  Have a marvelous Monday BeYOUtiful, dictate your own mood xx

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