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Friday, 20 January 2017

Notice the good bits...

20th January 2017
A little progress each day adds up to big results.

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, lots of unexpected gifts which truly made my day, so lovely to know people have taken time out and thought about me, of course there was wine ;) there was also a gorgeous bottle of perfume, flowers, gift cards and quirky stuff that screamed 'ME'.  One thig I received was a love big pad which I can use to plan my meals and stick on the fridge, it's called "my beautiful happy healthy week!" how brill, then there's a little 'Believe organiser', well I'm not what folk would call typically organised but it's all randomly organised in my head, or organised chaos I guess.  I'm going to use it though, instead of the weekly planner to plan, I'm going to write one thing each day that's made me happy in some way, I shall use the notes pages to write things that I'm grateful for, and the 'to do' list will be used to write things in that I'm going to enjoy doing or benefit from doing, not the 'chores' that we have to do!  It's going to be a book that makes me smile when I open it, so thank you to everyone who was part of my birthday yesterday in any way big or small. 
I'm thinking I need a slow start to my day today, I might have me a bath this morning, then cook something delicious for lunch as I've got my bestie coming, maybe the beetroot risotto recipe that was recommended from the WW one pot cook book, got a meeting tonight so I'll look forward to that later. 

I'm not going to lie, yesterday didn't end with my points within my allowance!  It was my birthday, but I'm back to it today, as it says at the top of the blog, a little progress each day adds up to big results.  I'll have my fruit and yogurt for breakfast again, I had a skinny latte mullerlight one yesterday, I didn't like it as much as the WW ones and it was a point higher, so mom can eat them.

I need a few early nights after having 2 late ones, my body can't cope with them, for one reason it leaves me with more daylight hours to consume food - not a good thing, especially as the more tired I get, the easier it is to succumb to food.  Early nights on the cards for the foreseeable for sure.

I need to start practising the words "no thank you" again too, especially when moms having her treats, it's too easy to say "oh go on then" and think I'll start again tomorrow, but that isn't going to help me shed a stone for summer is it, which is actually what I want to do. 

Okay so now I've decided what I want to achieve, I need to stop messing about and work on it, so here's to a day of honest tracking, staying within my allowance and doing it properly - I can do this, I was doing it before Christmas, I can do it again.  Here's to getting a grip, I think that needs to include sorting my office out this weekend, underneath all this mess somewhere is the journal I was tracking in back then and it will be filled full of what I was doing that was working - I need to find it!

I'm going to actually start now, that's my first task, I can't have a nice bath till I can see some surfaces in this office - wish me luck, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, you'll know I drowned in the mess ;)

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, healthy & happy all the way - notice the good bits.

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