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Sunday, 15 January 2017

It's okay if you didn't lose weight!

15th January 2017
Some days I amaze myself, other days, I put my keys in the fridge!

My members have lost 816lb this week, that's over 58 stone!  We’ve had some great successes from SmartStart and Smart Points already in 2017!  It's amazing to see. 

Okay, so maybe you're sat there thinking none of it was mine, because you didn't get a great result this week, perhaps you were one of my incredible members who put so much effort in over the 7 days prior to weigh in and the scales mocked them with either a tiny loss, a stayed the same or even more insulting a little gain!  What's that all about when you've been good all week and those damn scales don't realise!  They just don't understand the importance of the result that needs to follow the effort.  You know what, it happens, you know what else, NOTHING I can say will make you feel any better about it, so I'm not going to even try.  What I am going to attempt to do is talk you round from doing that, "Oh, gave me a gain did ya, didn't pay attention to how fab I'd done, how much effort I'd put in, all those apples and lettuce leaves I'd eaten and you don't give me a weight loss, WELL watch this space cos I'm going to go away and show you exactly how NOT to follow the plan, I'll show ya how to gain weight baby, you watch me go!"  Yeah we've all done it, not had the result we hoped for so gone home and shoved our head in a bag of fish and chips or chocolate buttons!  Don't do it, if you've put the effort in - the results will come, it's science - they have to, they're just delayed.

Keep going!

Maybe you've not even got back on track since all those festivities, you know what, that's okay too, who said when the clocks strikes at Midnight, that come January 1st, we're all going to suddenly be able to take back control of our appetite, suddenly find 30 minutes each day to move more and the money we need to buy all that good, healthy food.  Erm, you can't make money appear, you can however start slowly and start now.  It's okay not to be perfect, heck I haven't been this week, if those scales show a loss for me tomorrow, it'll be a little miracle, I fell in a bag of dry roasted peanuts last night - oops!   We went to bed ridiculously early to stop ourselves eating any more of them!

Start realistically now!

You don't have to give stuff up or throw stuff away, you can portion control it.  The nuts that are left are going to be weighed into smaller bags and put in a cupboard somewhere, mom will enjoy them over the next week or so, I'm cured again for a good while, they're out of my system.

What can you do?  Where can you make the good choices?  My meals are all good at the moment because that's something I find easier than most.  I enjoy the cooking process, I love eating a good meal, so it's a win/win experience for me.  I need to track so I know exactly what damage I'm doing, it might not be as bad as I think, ignorance isn't bliss.  I'm eating fruit, that's a big effort for me, apple and a plum again yesterday, I'm going to have a pear this morning, check me out.  I might have some mango and yogurt for breakfast too! 
If your year hasn't started off as healthy as you wished it had, decide today to improve a little bit at a time.  What can and will you do today?  Commit to something.  I'm going to commit to the fruit & yogurt for breakfast.  I'm going to make the butternut squash lasagne because it's only 6sp a portion, that's my main meal sorted.  I'll also walk Alfie, however there will be no fitbit steps being earned as I've left it at the massage place, I'll pick it up next Saturday when I go for my next one - doh!

Last but not least, if you have started of 2017 healthy & happy - WOO HOO, GO YOU! 

Here's to all of us getting our healthy on, focusing on the happy and knowing we're BeYOUtiful. xx

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