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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How'd you feel?

25th January 2017
Grow through what you go through!
What does a tremendous tracker look like?  More to the point what does a tremendous tracker feel like!  Huh, how can a tracker feel like anything, well obvious I don't mean the physical tracker to the touch, what I mean is how does it feel to complete one, how do you feel in your mood, body, mind and soul from eating and drinking healthy, then tracking it all?  Do you feel differently when you do this than when you don't, does it feel better eating healthy than it does eating crap or comfort eating, or overeating in some way? 

I think we give a great deal of emphasis and important to how we're going to look when we've lost weight and sometimes we fail to realise it's how we're going to feel that makes all the difference, look at these faces;

Trust me they all feel fantastic!  Yesterday when they lost weight, when Tracy heard she'd achieved her stone, she felt proud of herself having made time for herself to get to the meetings and stick to the plan for 3 weeks and seen such amazing results.  Sarah was thrilled to have shifted that Christmas gain, she felt happy, Angie is doing dry January and is feeling proud of herself for sticking with it, she's also feel thirsty and replacing those sneaky brandies with biscuits, fortunately the balance is still there because she still had a loss - 80/20!  Last but not least Lucy, everyone person in that meeting last night felt happy for her, we've been with her every step of her journey, we've watched her get healthy and as she says in the photo, she's feeling like herself again.  Sometimes we get lost don't we, when life and circumstances take over and we just get on with things.  It's important to get back to us, to make that time to do the things that are important to us, whether that be attending a Weight Watcher meeting each week to help us with our weight loss journey or something else.  It's important because we're important.

It's important to focus on how we feel and not just exist, which takes me back to the tremendous tracker, paying attention to the food choices we make, affects our mood, if we can give ourselves a better chance of a better mood, why wouldn't we?  Food affects our mood, so let's focus on eating healthy, making those wise food choices and writing it down either on a paper tracker, a journal book or on your WW app, it doesn't matter how you record it, as long as you do.  By writing it down, you have it there to review, to look back on for ideas in the future, if you write not just what you're eating and drinking but also how you're feeling you will notice the connection, once you start to see how different you feel depending on what you've eaten, you'll probably decide to make those wiser food choices more often.  Heck you might stop having that junk in your house, especially when you realise if it's affecting your mood, how you feel, maybe it's affecting everyone else in the house who's consuming it!  Mmm, that's an interesting thought isn't it, my moms in so much pain right now but is sitting eating 3 bags of Walkers cheese and onion crisps and the best part of a packet of ginger biscuits helping that situation, is it likely to be lifting her mood for any longer than the few minutes it takes to eat the food?

I intend to practice what I preach this week, I gained 1/2lb on Monday, I was actually really pleased with that, it had been my birthday the week before, I'd also achieved my diamond award so there was a bit of celebrating and a lot of maltesers, so 1/2lb was good.  This week though, I'm focusing back on the healthy, not chocolate for me.  There was a nice egg sandwich for breakfast yesterday, followed by a chicken dinner for dinner, easy food is on the menu this week, keeping it simple in the kitchen, haven't fancied following a recipe, just wanted quick and easy.

I'm having a delivery tonight from Penn Road butchers, he's a personal friend of one of my members and comes recommended, he'd seen I'd like his healthy meats post and inboxed me, I suggested he should look into doing Chicken breast meatballs, burgers and sausages and he listened, the meatballs and burgers are going to be No Count, the sausages we need to work out the Smart Points but I bet they'll taste good!   I will let you know, if you want to have a look, here's his facebook page, he delivers too which is very useful when you have a busy life.

Oh can I just say, I've already eaten a pear, I picked it up when I put the kettle on this morning and ate it without thinking - am I developing a new habit there!  I think I may be, it'll add to that tremendous tracker too ;)

Here's to making midweek Wednesday wonderful, how are you going to get that feel good feeling?  I think I'm going to cook a recipe, risotto perhaps!

Take care of you BeYOUtiful.

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