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Friday, 27 January 2017

Let's survive the weekend!

27th January 2017
Don't let the weekend become your weak end!
 Had me a lie in this morning, nice!  Now I'm ready for a day of running errands and my wonderful meeting tonight.  I did No Count yesterday, egg and crumpets for breakfast, then for dinner I used the meatballs from Penn Butchers and had them with a WW balsamic dressing, rice and veg, very nice, but the prize meal of the day was my tea, I was tired when I got home, it was almost 8pm and I just wanted to eat and I wanted steak, I didn't have it in me to cook, so I dry fried it with some onions and had a delicious steak, onion and mustard sandwich - it was so good, I did let Alfie have some of the meat - that's proper love that is, but I know it was good because I want to eat the same tea today, that's always a good sign.  You can't beat the memory of a good meal!

Right so we're heading into the weekend, that's when we start to get tempted so we need to change our thoughts and our response, so if you really want long term successful weight loss you will find it easier if instead of saying "I can't have that" you start saying "I don't want that", the power in the change of those two words is incredible, even if you don't mean it - fake it till you make it!

How else can we survive the weekend, I know this one's going to sound like a joke coming from me, but, bear with me, it can be an automatic habit to pour ourselves a drink at the end of the working week, something we don't really pay attention to and something we just drink because.  Why not instead, get the same glass you normally would and fill it with sparkling water, some slices of fresh fruit, strawberries maybe or a splash of juice and drink that.  If you still want a glass of the stronger stuff afterwards that's okay, at least you'll not be drinking from thirst and you can sip it.

Plan, know what you're going to eat, drink, do, have a plan - it makes a difference.  Anticipate the obstacles, so for example I know my mates are taking me out tomorrow afternoon, I don't know where I've just been told to wrap up warm for outdoors and that there will also be lunch, I can choose wise-ish when I get to the lunch bit. 

Speaking of outdoors, why don't you get yourself out there for a good walk, yes it's cold but put your hat and clothes on, plus a good coat of course, don't just go out in hat and gloves - you'll look silly! 

The weekend is usually the time we have a bit more time, so why not use some of that time to get your Delia on in the kitchen and cook up a healthy recipe, try something new. 

Use the time to recharge too, it's okay to do nothing, chill out, watch a movie, I plan to watch a street cat called bob this weekend, I don't plan to sit eating snacks all the way through the film though! 

If you've got any excess energy do an early spring clean in the house - you know I won't be doing that right!

Find a hobby, eating is not a hobby!  Find something to do!

Remember you can't eat what isn't in the house, so when you do your weekly shop, make it healthy, it's really helping me doing my shop online, I'm not tempted at all.  If you're entertaining, remember most people want to eat healthy these days, don't feel you've got to buy a load of fattening stuff or junk food, they'll be made up to find delicious healthy food, or healthy snacks - I bet ya.

Lose the "I'll start again Monday" mentality, I know we promote the 80/20 rule, but not the 4 days on, 3 days off, sod it at the weekend rule, that one's not quite so successful!

We can do this - stay strong BeYOUtiful, come weigh day, you'll be so glad you do. 

Let's make February the new January!

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