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Friday, 6 January 2017

Here's to another good day...

6th January 2017
This year will be better for you if you think positively, let go of past mistakes, surround yourself with good people & know your worth.

Well I'm glad that was a dream!  We were in Istanbul my siblings had all gone to the airport and mom and I was rushing round trying to pack our stuff up knowing we'd probably already missed the flight!  The subconscious is clever isn't it and processing and sorting the junk in your head out, even if you aren't aware it there.

Another absolutely fabulous day yesterday, busy as heck, just buzzing and so much laughter.  Bloxwich is full of such wonderful people, all good for a giggle, it's a good job what happens at Weight Watchers stays at Weight Watchers, that's all I can say.  On quite a few occasions yesterday I found myself saying 'I get paid to do this, I bloody love my job!' and I really do.  Don't get me wrong, it's damned hard work, physically and emotionally but it's just the best, I know come Saturday lunchtime, I'm going to be pooped, no good for anything but I don't mind, it's all good, I'm helping people change their lives and that's worth being shattered at the end of my week.

Foodwise I stayed in control too, apart from half a dozen jelly babies I found in the cupboard when I got home, mom had a jar of them for Christmas and I found the last few - oops!  Hey ho, the rest of the day was good, and I'd lost 1.5lb on the scales since weighing in on New Year's Eve, so at least I'm back in the game.

Foodwise, my day looked like this;

The sweet potato mash was delicious, I microwaved them whole, then peeled the skin off and mashed with a fork, really tasty.  I didn't get back from meeting till nearly half 8, I'd been out since half 7 on the morning and cooking wasn't about to happen so I settled for a ham and cheese sandwich, it tasted even better because it was the last of the gammon joint I'd ordered in error, between us we've worked our way through that beast since Boxing Day ;)

I'm going to make my 40 cloves of garlic chicken hopefully today, although I do have a lot of office work to wade through this morning, moms got a doctor's appointment this afternoon too.  I've defrosted steak too, I was going to have it last night but.... so maybe I'll have that today and chicken tomorrow.  We shall see!

I need a loaf I know that and I've just been and made mom a cuppa and whilst down there found a simply cook kit I fancy, so it's Chipotle grilled steak salad for lunch, if I can fit it in I'll make the chicken for tea, wonder how it would turn out thrown in slow cooker?  Nah I'm not risking it, I like how it turns out in the oven too much, you shouldn't mess with food perfection.

I'm feeling good, my heads in a good place, I'm ignoring the dark nights that normally lower my mood, taking Alfie for a daily walk even when I don't have time is helping I think, yesterday I saw a tree with white blossom on already, now that's screaming Spring is round the corner to me.  Although how cold was it yesterday, Alfie decided he fancied a really good walk, I think because I hadn't got the time for it, plus I hadn't got my gloves on, my hands were so cold, so much so I did contemplate giving the poo bag a squeeze for the warmth! ;-) Now you know the kind of thing that really goes through my mind!

This week I'm most living the quote at the start of this blog, I'm thinking positively, I always let go of past mistakes, my mantra has always been if you're going to regret it - don't do it, I am most certainly surrounded by good people and they help me to know my worth, does life get any better, oh yeah it would if one of my brothers would come and mend my kitchen cupboard doors before they fall off and land on moms foot!

Anyways focusing on the positives remember Beverley!  Here's to an awesome day, starting it with crumpets in this house, topped with egg, surrounded by mushrooms and tomato and possibly a sneaky slice or two of streaky bacon, mmm nom nom. 

What's your focus today BeYOUtiful, know your worth, make yourself a priority - you're worth it!

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