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Monday, 9 January 2017

Got it all planned ain't I!

9th  January 2017
Do it now.  Sometimes 'later' becomes 'never'.
Another Monday morning, they roll round quickly don't they, we had a lovely chilled day yesterday, I did take myself for a good walk though and I've just looked and I was 445 steps shy of my 10,000, if I'd know I think I'd have been tempted to walk round the garden before bed! 

I also had me half hour or so in the kitchen looking through all my Weight Watchers books finding meals to make, writing a menu plan and doing my shop online.  I'm going to be really busy for the next few months so I've bought a delivery pass for Sainsbury's, the apps really good (my bestie told me) so hopefully it'll save me time and money, I definitely spent less yesterday by not walking round the shop.

This week in my meeting we're gonna talk about hitting those goals, hopefully we're all in this to lose weight forever but of course some of us will have an event to do it for, or maybe summer (first day 21st June - 23 weeks way), Easter Sunday is April 16th (14 weeks away), a wedding perhaps or a big birthday.  Sometimes it helps to have something specific to focus on.  It might even be that you're doing the this time next year challenge or the 12 week goal challenge.  Whichever you're doing it's good to know what you can achieve, hope this helps;

1/2lb a week
1lb a week
1.5lb a week
2lb a week
12 week goal
Easter 14 weeks goal
Summer 23 weeks goal
This time next year goal

The longer you leave it the harder it will be, you should never put off doing something you can’t go a day without thinking about, if it’s always in your mind, it’s obviously very important to you.   I think I'm going to opt for the Summer challenge, yep, if I could lose between 1/2 & 1lb a week consistently, I'd be thrilled come summer, I'd be able to get in any of those jeans in my bedroom, not just the one pair I'm wearing comfortably at the moment!    

It won't just 'happen' though will it, I've got to actually do it and it's not just about eating 3 good meals a day either, I've got to be aware of the extras and by extras we all know I mostly mean red wine!  Last week was my practice run, it was manic, I did quite well to be fair and I did manage to lose 1 1/2lb of my Christmas weight, I'm going to change my weigh day to a Monday too, so when members ask me how I've done they all get the same reply in any given week because I get confused easily ;)

The meals I've shopped for this week are;

Lentil Bolognaise with sweet potato 'spaghetti' recipe in the little comfort food classics booklet (page 25) that's free with this month's magazine.

Prawn, red lentil & cauliflower rogan josh - this week's free recipe card, I'm allergic to prawns so I'm going to replace with quorn pieces for a veggie meal.

Toad & gravy, page 18 of the free Smart Start we're handing out this month in meetings.

Lemony Salmon with couscous, page 34 of Smart Start

Chicken & potatoes, page 34 of Smart Start

Supper in a hurry, jacket, beans & crispy bacon, page 32 of Smart Start

Bacon & cabbage pasta, page 146 Healthy You - new WW cookbook in meeting - it looks so good!

Sticky sausage open sarnie, page 14 of Smart Start

Crumbled cod with warm potato salad - page 15 Healthy You - new WW cookbook in meeting (I may have not ordered the ingredients for this because I'd got enough food to cook but it's defo on my to cook list)

I'm going to make a roasted garlic coleslaw too, sliced cabbage, onions and grated carrots, then I'll roast the whole garlic bulbs in the oven and when cooked mix the middle of the cloves with some natural yogurt and stir through the veggies, I think that'll be lush.   I'll then fill flat breads with it and add a bit of grated cheese.

There's plenty there to keep me going I'm sure!   The use by dates will probably dictate in what order some of the meals are made, I will stay on top of this, busy isn't an excuse to overeat!

Right busy day ahead, we're going to the hospital to get moms hip xray'd, not sure how long that'll take but it has to be done and at least we're not in a rush.  I'm going to start my day with some office work, start my week in control.

You up for being on top of things, being in control, deciding your own behaviour?  Make yourself proud BeYOUtiful, let's get healthy & happy. xx

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