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Monday, 30 January 2017

Happy Monday?

30th January 2017
Remember important things - that includes you!
Healthy and happy it what I'm all about but how do we do it?  It seems obviously doesn't it but is it, I don't think so, not always anyway. 

Balance is another word I use a lot and I think that is the key, balance with everything, so Friday night I had a bad night's sleep, so last night I had an early night, even if you're not sleeping, you're resting.  I now feel ready to take on my week.

Saturday I overindulged, now for the rest of the week I'll eat healthier, Saturday was a special day out, I wasn't going to say no to something I fancied.  I won't be tempted in the house as the temptation isn't there, I can't eat what I don't buy!  It makes all the difference, I'm very easily led and mom had a packet of malted milk last week, I couldn't stop looking at them, thinking about them and eventually eating some of them.

So today I may gain, if I do, should I let that make me unhappy?  Or should I say okay, look at what a fab weekend I had, now let's start eating healthy again, cut down a little more on the good stuff, maybe try and fit in a couple of walks.  I'll take the latter option as if I let it make me unhappy, that will lead to me continuing to overeat and gain even more weight.

People must think I've been blogging and dieting forever and they'd be right, I will always be watching my weight because my natural behaviour is to overeat, if I didn't keep trying, I'd just keeping gaining, at least this way, I'm keeping those numbers down and the food I eat is mostly healthy and freshly cooked.

Being healthy is a number of things
- getting enough sleep
- eating healthy foods
- drinking plenty water
- moving more - go out and get some fresh air
- treating yourself - not to food, to something else you'd like, a good book maybe
- having good friends
- taking time to smile and laugh
- having hobbies
- managing the stress in your life - try yoga, deep breathes, meditation, writing
- having goals - know what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it.

Being happy comes from within so stop waiting for it to find you or arrive from somewhere.  According to science only a small percentage of the variation in peoples reports of happiness comes down to the differences in their circumstances.  The bulk of what determines happiness is due to personality, our thoughts and behaviours - and these we can change!

Which means you can learn to be happier!

Happy isn't about what you own, how much money you have, people who are happy seem to realise that happiness is the sum of their life choices which consist of spending time with family and friends, appreciating what you have, looking on the bright side - you can always choice optimism, having a sense of purpose and living in the now, these things all helps to find your happy.

The great news is you are in control of your happy, you can choose your thoughts and actions and influence how happy you're going to be.  Get started if you're not already there, surround yourself with happy people, invest in those relationships.

Be thankful for what you already have, let gratitude be your last through before you go to bed and your first thought when you wake up.  

Start looking on the bright side, get optimistic, it may not be easy but really start to question yourself "Are things really as bad as you think?" and if they are, what can you learn from the situation to help you in the future, or what can you do now to change it.

Have a goal, find your purpose, live in the moment, don't put off your life, you only get one!  Don't wait till you've lost weight to go do the things you want to do, don't wait till you have enough money to have fun, find cheaper ways to have fun.  I don't know how much our day out cost on Saturday because it was my birthday treat, I do know even if we'd been walking round Cannock chase and ate packed sandwiches we'd made ourselves, we'd have still enjoyed it just as much because it was the being together and spending time with those I love that was the highlight of the day for me.

Right 2 days left in January, I'm making February the new January, if folk can decide to get fit and healthy in January, they can do it in February too, especially as we're now one month closer to spring!  Here's to the magic of Monday, the ability to wipe the slate clean, draw the line, start afresh if needed.  I think I might even do meat-free Monday today, see what I can come up with, if my imagination isn't on form, there's always egg and chips.  I fancy baked beans for brekkie maybe, mmm.

Right I'm off, I've had my lie in, time to get stuff done, I'll ease myself into my day slowly though I think.

Make it a happy Monday BeYOUtiful. xx

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