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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Focused in February

28th January 2017
The same voice that says "give up" can also be trained to say "keep going!"

We've had a rough night in this house, moms woke often in awful pain and that in turn wakes me, been up since 4 so coffee will be part of this mornings ritual!

I'm off out for a few hours later with my mates too, no idea where, I just know it's outdoors (yay it's raining) and I've been told to dress warm!  Eek.
I made a delicious hassleback chicken dinner yesterday, using basil leaves, tomato and mozzarella cheese, had them served with Butternut squaffles all for only 5sp a portion - bargain.

Okay so January was our warm up!  Who's up for making February our new January,  Chinese New Year starts today, so we can all borrow their calendar, it's the year of the Rooster, I was born in the year of the Rooster too, so all the more reason to start afresh with a positive attitude, although I've done quite okay this week.

Right Focused in February, let's do this, write down what you want to focus on (they're called resolutions in January I do believe!) be specific, so here we go I'm going to put it out there, I want to lose a stone by summer, I'll say by my mom's birthday July 6th to give it a day.

Did you know just writing it down means you're more likely to achieve it!  Go one them write it down.  Well done and congratulations on your upcoming success.

Next we need to know what we'll get from achieving this thing we're going to focus on, what's the payoff, for me it's getting back into my size 12's comfortably for when I want to put jeans and shorts on this summer and get in the garden.  Go on write it down.

Now we need to make sure we keep ourselves focused on this goal, how will we remind ourselves of what and why?  I'm thinking I'm going to hang my favourite jeans in my room so I can see them, I might even put the shorts in the kitchen where they can be seen - I could stick them to the fridge!   How about you?

We know it's not going to be plain sailing, nothing worth having ever is, so how are we going to stay focused throughout February and beyond, do you need to have a list of meals you'll chose from when eating out, do you need to become the designated driver more often, maybe you need to start online shopping like me to stop you being tempted.  Think about and write down how you'll stay focused on your goal.

Will you reward yourself along the way?  I've just decided I'm going to put a tenner in a pot for every pound I lose, then at the end of it I'll have £140, I might spend £70 when I get my silver 7 on something nice then do the same with the other £70, or I might wait until I get the £140 and buy something really nice. 

So decisions made, goal set, plan of action, what's the first things you're going to do to get you started?  I'm going to have a light breakfast because I know I'll probably be eating out this afternoon and I want to enjoy it as I don't do it very often and I need to prove to myself I can do that and still lose weight like my members do.

Right let's do this shall we?  I'm not waiting till February 1, you needn't either BeYOUtiful, let's get focused and fabulous for February.

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